My Mother Taught Me that Writing Has Value

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My mother instilled a love of reading and writing in me.

My mother was a school teacher.  Prior to her return to the school system after having three children, she stayed at home.

I liked those days.

When I began kindergarten or maybe first grade, she began the process to bring her teaching credentials up to date.  During her afternoons of her own classes and times of studying, I would stay with my Aunt June and Mama Smith (my grandmother) in the small gift shop my aunt owned and ran on the corner of Schomburg and Warm Springs.  That was also the corner of my grandmother’s property.  My grandfather’s sawmill would have been further down Warm Springs.  So, on those afternoons of their care and their work, I would sit and play in the Country Cottage Gift Shop and for snacks I would have my grandmother’s pound cake and Russian tea (spiced tea).  My husband and I believe we must have surely met there as children and played together while his mother shopped and I “minded the store”.

I liked those days.

Mother taught fifth and sixth grade language arts at our neighborhood elementary school.  She would be my teacher and she was gifted and her expectations for all of her students were high.

It would be under her care, guidance, and requirements that all in her class would have to enter the county’s essay and poetry contests.  Like a good student, I did my part and found out that I had a knack for the craft of writing.  I would win some of the awards and it fed my love of writing to the point that I would choose journalism as my minor in college.  But until then, I cried many nights over notebook paper having to copy the paper yet again because there was no such thing as white out much less a word processing program on a personal computer.  White out and the erasing typewriter ribbon were introduced to me in high school and praise God for the computer I use today that makes writing a pure joy!

I enjoyed writing in school.
I didn’t enjoy correcting the mistakes, though.

Out of college and into my own classroom as a teacher, my writing sat dormant except for private journals or small publications where my craft was helpful to our sons’ school.

Then blogging came on the horizon and I was late to jump on the wagon.  Even since I began writing a blog in 2008, the tools available to bloggers and even some of the expectations were not even thought of at that point.  Now, it can be a challenge to keep up with the new gadgets, designs, and “rules” so that writing is not always fun but can be a tool of comparison and pressure.

At those times, I have to remind myself that I’m not in school and I’m not blogging for a grade or for an award.  It’s just something I do. 

I like these days.

And I have my mother to thank for finding a skill in me that she could cultivate and encourage even as she was managing a home and a calling as a teacher outside the home.  She managed well.

Opportunity for Response:

What skill did your mother cultivate in you that has been a source of encouragement to you?

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  1. I’m not sure how I never made this connection! Your mama was my sixth grade teacher at Blanchard Elementary. What a blessing she was to me! I still remember so many of the things she taught us and how she expected so MUCH of us (and I still feel shame when I think of a time I let her down) …but most of all I remember what a strong, loving and kind woman she was and still is.

    • Mitchi,

      I remember Mother telling me she taught you and don’t worry, she only has good things to say. : )

  2. My Mother, OUR Mother, is very creative in many ways – writing prose and poetry, arranging flowers, entertaining and, of my favorites, sewing and crafting. Those “crafty” talents in particular influenced my hobbies (needlework, knitting, crocheting, sewing), my choice of college degree (Textile Management at AU), and my early career using that degree. We all share a love of the handmade! AND, I love, love, love to read! Our Mother is multi-talented and shares that generously. I love her for encouraging and stimulating in me the love of craft.

    • A very fitting description and expression of gratitude for our mother.

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