My Perfect Planner has Become my Phone…

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Dear reader,
You seem to like things that are more personal in nature from time to time….not always wanting to know my Bible study experiences.  What?!  Really?!  wow…sniff, sniff…
So, I was going to share with you my love for paper planners and my searching for a really long time to secure the perfect one and just when I thought I had found it and had been using it, I advanced into the smart phone age and feel I have finally found my perfect calendar/planner.
But, I won’t share that with you because I just did…up there in that last paragraph.
I will miss my smallest Moleskine calendar but now I have a phone that I have put apps on to make my life more pleasant, organized, and planned.  My spiritual gift of administration is at rest…until the next newer better way of organizing comes along.  Sigh.
So, what’s on my phone, you ask?
Here are my favorite apps for keeping my home and life running smoothly:
Evernote:  I started with this on my laptop and have found it to be a wonderful organizing brain for my computer and all my varied interests….knitting patterns, recipes, blogging ideas, writing and speaking tips, more projects/plans to implement, etc.  It will let me put in categories I create things I find on the internet, emails I get, pictures that relate to said categories, and a plethora of documents I type or find that relate.  I may be able to do without Nozbe but am giving it a run to see if it offers some things Evernote doesn’t.  I won’t do without Evernote, though.
Nozbe:  I have the free version that will only let me keep five projects.  One day, when I make money, I may have to pay for the upgrade.  But, until then, I keep my life to five projects or at least five categories where I can organize more than the five projects I have going on.  I like this because I can have a project and arrange the to-dos for it and put due dates on them.  My big chunky notebook of tabbed projects may be a thing of the past once I adapt to this new format.  It will also remind me of things coming up as long as I remember to input that info.
Grocery IQ:  I am learning to keep a grocery list on there…this may take a while to go from paper to phone, but I am working on it.  It’s free too.  Supposedly, it will organize my list based on the grocery store arrangement nearby.  Nice.  That’s how I arrange my handwritten list.  I told you I like to be organized.  See my Pinterest board if you don’t believe me.  You can also sign up to receive coupons with Grocery IQ straight to your smart phone.  There are other features too numerous to mention here.
I keep my weekly menu on my phone on a separate Notes page.
Logos:  This is my Bible software and I paid a pretty penny for that years ago and upgrade the minimal amount from time to time.  I have it on my computer and now my phone.  It is also on my iPod.
Because I have an ESV Bible, I have the free app that came with my study Bible.  It’s handy.  But, since I have Logos, I don’t really need this app.
Since I am reading the #B90Days plan, I have YouVersion on my phone.  It’s also free.  I have it set up so it follows along with my daily readings in the NLT and it will read it aloud to me.  Is it wrong to knit and listen?
No, it’s not.
So, there you have the bare bones of my organizational apps on my phone.
Leave a comment below sharing your organizing apps as well.  I love learning about them!

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