My Summer Vacation

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In keeping with Monday’s theme of “one day I plan to…”, I felt it would be an appropriate post this week to clue you in on what my summer vacation may look like, at least from this point.  It’s early yet.  These are not in any specific order of preference or attempt.

Summer begins when school ends.  School seems to be ending a lot earlier than I ever remember it.  Robert is home from UGA and David is winding down his last hours of his senior year of high school.  Trust me.  Summer vacation mentality has begun in the Ward household even if the calendar begs to differ.  Bible studies I’ve led concluded last night and one more concludes this morning.


I have recently begun to miss doing needlework and this is really not a good time for this to be happening.  Chemo seems to change your eyesight, so I heard.  Chemo seems to be changing my eyesight, so I am seeing, and not for the better.  Too bad it doesn’t give the patient super powers in their eyesight.  But, thanks to my parents’ gift of a lighted super-magnifier on a stand several years ago, and my colorful collection of reading glasses, I may pick up an old sampler and attempt to finish it.

Independent Bible Study

Most of you who don’t teach Bible study are really sad when your teacher stops teaching for the summer.  Every fall, I think about the following summer and how I’ve missed teaching during the past one.  It causes me to consider teaching one the next summer while in the fall.  Then, every spring, I think about the need to withdraw from teaching for the summer and sit down, just me and the Word, for some independent time in it.  So, that’s my plan as usual.  I’ll turn a fresh page in my study notebook and have at it.  It will be good.  I know the ladies in the Bible study will survive without me.  They need a break from me.  I may “do” somebody else’s work for a change (like Kelly Minter or Mary Kassian or Beth Moore) but it will be solo and on my porch with or without a hat…I haven’t decided.
Why would I want to give that up during the summer?  Why would you?  I may continue to pray in my various formats:  write prayers in pretty colored pens doodling them in my prayer doodle notebook, or pray out loud laying on the floor or reclining in the club chair, or journaling as I’ve done for a long time, or pray at set times as a practice of keeping the office, or pray in poetic prose I write.  I will pray.  I may sip green tea or smell coffee brewing while praying.
Eat Well, Drink Well
I will finally spend a bit of time studying up on the effects of good nutrition as an aid to healing and study how to keep it up after I’m done with this journey of breast cancer.  I will try out new recipes.  I will enjoy the produce of summer.  I will eat fresh tomato sandwiches.  I will get my herb garden back in order.  It’s already past time and I cannot bear to see the weeds taking over my little herb patch outside my back door.  Basil is calling at Lowe’s.  I must heed its call.  I will drink lots of water and green tea…and smell coffee brewing (it just doesn’t taste that good right now).
Are you kidding?  Did you really think I wouldn’t?  Of course I will.  However, I may be a bit sporadic.  It’s summer, after all.
I need to find a cute swim cap or else I won’t be going in the pool with others at all.  Of course, I have to be even more careful of sunburn, but I do want to enjoy the feel of cool water on hot days.  Getting into a schedule at the YMCA will be good.  Now that there’s a new one, maybe I can go to my usual one and actually be the only one waiting in line for that elliptical.  I should have posted about the time I almost cried when I had waited for the thing and got bumped because I didn’t sign the list.  Rule keepers…I’m one of ’em and neglected to follow the rules that day…but I was there first, for the record!  I feel tomorrow’s post coming on already…


I know the necessity and I will do it.  I may even let it happen while reading a book (Lynn Austin’s series on the Chronicles of the Kings).  I will sleep in or I will get up early.  I won’t set my alarm unless it’s Sunday.
Trust God
I won’t change my habit on this one for the summer.  Nope.  I will continue to trust Him.  He is faithful.
What will you be doing this summer?

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  1. Sounds REFRESHING!! Like a tall glass of strawberry lemonade!

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