My Word for 2015: Discipline

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Here we are. Just a few days into 2015 and I have honed into my one word for the year. It’s better than a resolution. It’s a focus for my spirit, soul, and body for the year. It is very much needed in my life.


I’ve known it for some time. The signs are external and internal. The external affects the internal as the internal affects the external.

And it’s all connected; the spirit, soul, and body are all connected. So often, I just let my spirit be a doormat to my soul and body.

A good healthy understanding of discipline in all those areas, mainly in my spirit, is sure to bring about good results this year.

My desire for this year is to strengthen these weak areas to the point that I will be able to notice improvement in my spirit, soul, and body. I don’t expect to be perfect at any of it, nor to be consistent, but I have confidence that with God’s help and me doing my part, there should be change for the better.

I understand that accountability is a way to promote success in areas. I’ve decided that this blog may be a good place to check in for the benefit of  accountability. Not many readers will care about it, and that is okay with me. Maybe just maybe, though, it will be that good and right kind of personal push for me to keep up with the general things here, not the nitty gritty progress.

Every so often expect unveiling of goals, plans, and progress reports with a measure of struggles and prayer requests, too. If/when I find things that are helping me, I’ll share those.

This concept isn’t new. If you find yourself interested in doing something similar, you can read more about it at OneWord365.

If you were to assign one word to your year as a prompt for improvement in your life, what would you choose? Feel free to share it in the comments. Happy new year!

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  1. Amy, I so enjoy your thoughts and look forward to what we can all discover together in 2015

    • Hi Mrs. Bradfield (Jenny)! I am delighted you stopped by and took the time to read today’s post. Thank you for your encouragement. I miss seeing you and hope you are doing well. Much love to you!

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