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Well, we have one recipe for Robert based on yesterday’s comments. If any of you are shy about posting a comment, now’s not the time to be. Or, if you would rather not type a recipe in as your comment and you know you’re going to see me out and about, feel free to hand deliver a copy of your suggestion or recipe. Otherwise, Frannie has offered to shoot me a few more. Go for it, Frannie!

Now, onto today’s post. Shortly after I signed off on yesterday’s post, I thought more about birds flying out of the nest and thought of one friend in particular who will have her last three (of five) flying out and off to college this fall. Her last pregnancy was triplets 18 years ago. They will soon graduate and be on their way to parts unknown, as of now. At the time of this post, I haven’t heard where the trio will end up in school(s). I give this wonderful mother the gold medal award in patience because she and her husband are allowing the three to determine where they as individuals are best suited for college based on who they are apart from the other two.

One more thing you ought to know. This mom and dad duo also have a daughter at Auburn. She’s in her second year there. That means that next year they will have four in college all at one time.

Excuse me. I just fainted at that thought and have now come back revived to continue this post.

I have a confession and perhaps have confessed it before. Repetition won’t hurt.

Hi, my name is Amy and I do not like to not be in control…sometimes, okay, most times. God is working on me in that department (a shout out goes to my sister, Louann, who knows this about me and knows also God is working on that in me).

I make that confession because were I in the shoes of my friend this is how college choices for the triplets would go down.

First, I would fix them their favorites for a superb dinner. Then, once their tummies are full and they are almost in a food-induced coma I would proceed by saying, “Alright you three, I know this is an exciting time in your lives. I have prayed much about where God will lead you and I believe He wants me to stay sane. So, for the sake of my sanity, your father and I have decided that you three will all attend Auburn University, where your sister currently is and where we have pleaded before the registrar to work with us. This way, I can go to one Target and buy the store out in the same town as I prepare to set up three dorm rooms. This way, there will be no conflicts on parents’ weekends in the fall. I won’t have to decide which school to visit for their big game should there be a problem. No pouting my little birdies, it’s either this or I must clone myself three times and well, by the time the three of me have grown up to my age, you’ll be long out of college and have birdies of your own by then. Don’t you see the logic in this? I thought so. Besides, this school has everything the three of you need to proceed through college and your chosen fields. Most of all, it’s instate and we can afford that although I may have to sell one kidney, a retina, and an arm and a leg to afford three of you plus big sister all in college at the same time. I want you all to be free to fly…like eagles! War Eagle! Whoo-hoo!”

I’m thinking my friend needs to make that speech and book her two tickets on a cruise that she and her husband will embark on that first week the birdies are away.

In the meantime, I would suggest she and any other mother approaching this send-off season invest in a copy of Carol Kuykendall’s book, Give Them Wings. That was a valuable resource in preparing to send off my first. I’m sure I will be buried in it again this time next year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending off one, three, or dare I say, eight (eventually), it’s never easy. It’s part of life.

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  1. You are breaking my heart about the flying off part…God has a lot of work to do with me on that one!! Guess I could always go to school with them right…be their dorm mate, classmate, etc. 🙂
    Hoping more recipes come in b/c I was wanting some too!!! 🙂
    Miss you girl

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