Nesting Reflection 2 – Cooking 101

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Cooking well seems to be making a comeback among an ever-increasing group of people, not just women.

Of all the things I have taught related to Home Ec (which is not the politically correct term anymore) cooking was my favorite.  I enjoyed the challenge of finding the right recipe that would produce hoped-for results of good taste and appearance.  I don’t think my 7th and 8th grade students cared, but they enjoyed the break in their day from math and science to come to my kind of math and science, concocting edible chemistry.

I have taught microwave cooking classes to adults, been the solo cook to 90 Wesley students at Auburn on Wednesday nights while a student myself, worked in Auburn University’s catering department, instructed high school girls in private cooking lessons, and had that brief time in Nathalie Dupree’s kitchen as her apprentice.

In Columbus, there are cooking classes popping up.  The Village Kitchen offers a plethora of classes at varying degrees of price and difficulty.  They even bring in cookbook authors to serve as instructors from time to time. 

The art and science of cooking is ever evolving especially as we are learning more and more about the significant value of consuming good food that is good for us so we can hopefully prevent illnesses from ever occurring.

I enjoy finding good recipe websites and think that will be a fave along with The Pioneer Woman’s blog.  Her cooking tab is great for good recipes and great pictures through every step of the recipe process.  This week she has a recipe for baked French Toast.  Last week has a good salad dressing recipe.  I’ll probably make the dressing and dream about the toast (not very healthy…sigh).

I think that half the battle with cooking is discerning what recipes are worthy of your attempts.  Developing a knack for recipe interpretation and vision to “taste” the end results before you ever purchase the first ingredient is so important.

Having a network of reliable sources is a big help to the average cook.  Sharing recipes and cooking tidbits is not a waste of time.  It’s good and right for developing your skills in this area of nest keeping.  So, make sure you have your grandmother’s and mother’s best recipes in writing.  Spend time watching them prepare that family favorite and take notes while they are “fixing” it.  It will be time well spent to develop this legacy from the kitchen and the heart.

Speaking of good resources in the kitchen, my friend and home ec teaching mentor did her now expected yummy salad at the conclusion of Isaiah.  Click here for the link that has the recipe.  It will be near the end of that day’s post.  It’s so delicious!  Enjoy!

Finally, among the tangible cookbooks I’ve purchased lately, Rebecca Katz deserves a mention and plug.  The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and One Bite At a Time have a wealth of information in them for the patient and those who want to take measures to consume good food in hopes of preventing cancer.  I have been studying those a lot lately.  It’s time to put the spoon in the pan and practice what I’m learning. 

So, my question today?  What motivates you to cook?  What is your favorite cookbook and/or cooking website?  What’s your favorite recipe?  Share it here.


  1. I love to cook, but must have a cookbook to follow or I get spice happy! My current fave is Dollars to Donuts by Dawn Welch(owner of the Hard Rock Cafe). Tonight is three cheese white lasagne, come on over and bring a fork!

  2. Cold weather motivates me. I love to warm up the kitchen/house with cooking and nice aroma’s. I think it make winter more cozy.

    My favorite cookbook is called Southeastern GIA chew chew Cookbook. It was put together by the Woman of Manchester who’s husbands worked on the railroal. I have to admit though it is so simple and I think that is why I like it.

    My favorite recipe is hard to decide which one, but I think it would be for Chicken Lynn.

    I pulled up the recipe for Aunt Trish’s Dressing. It sounds wonderful. I am having to sit on my hands not to jump in the car and go get the ingredients: ). Thanks for sharing.

    In today’s paper was a recipe for Smoky White Bean Soup. It sound really good. If you like that kind of soup and the ingredients sound healthy.

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