Nesting Reflections 4, part 1 – Desiring a Decorated Nest

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I had today’s post ready yesterday, but while in my quiet time prior to my infusion #7, I read in the Psalms and decided while in the infusion room (where I am typing on Thursday at 3:45 pm) to preempt the scheduled nesting reflection with what God showed me during my time in prayer and meditating on Psalms 84 and 91 (part 2). 

As I type this I am crying happy tears in the filled to capacity room at The JBACC.  I am also having some music therapy.  I have just looked up from Bebo’s song, “I Am,” and have seen my sweet husband working on his Bible study and smiling at me.  Obviously, I was moving my head, grinning, typing this, and humming very softly, yet enough to cause him to pause and look at me in my happy state.

Oh, God, I praise Your name for You are the reason I can smile while getting chemo.  You are in the midst of my life.  Why would I ever think You are not?  Thank You!

While I was preparing the blog for today (before I preempted it) I just couldn’t get in the groove.  I felt like the post was about things that really don’t matter for eternity….stuff, decorating stuff, pretty houses, jealous motives to keep up with others, etc.  So, I took heed that God had been reminding me for a time that I had not even had my QT for the day.  I kept ignoring Him.  These are true confessions of a blogger, folks.  So, I closed the laptop and plopped myself in the chair.

And it hit me.  The chair.  It is my place of choice lately to meet with God at home.  Then I had another epiphany and the real decorating post for today.

Do you have such a place in your home?  Do you have a designated spot to convene and commune with the One who created You and gave you your home?  If you don’t, I encourage you to choose a spot in your home that is dedicated to time between the two of you.  Call it your haven, your refuge, your sanctuary, or your special place, whatever suits you, but make a place and follow through with meeting with God there.

Now, once you decide where that place is, make sure to set aside time to meet with Him there.  As often as He draws you there, meet with Him.  I procrastinated and I regret it because He showed me some treasures in favorite passages…all about dwelling places and the decor in them.  Ohhhh, my soul is so refreshed and I longed for more time in those Psalms but between the phone ringing (I didn’t answer it)  and needing to get ready to leave the house, my lingering caused me to miss out on more of His goodness.  I’m sorry, Lord.

I read Psalm 84 and had to just cry.  He revealed my shallowness of soul to even think I could write a post about our temporary dwellings to enjoy on earth when there is a far better dwelling to focus on instead.
Read Psalm 84 and tell me what you see about that dwelling.  Do you see the references to the nest?  Oh my!  I had not stopped long enough to ponder such goodness in that direction.  He had been trying to woo me to my chair and His Word and I had lost out by not moving as soon as He prompted me.

Take note of how the Psalmist responds to this dwelling.  Now, ask yourself how you relate to the Psalmist and his response to the dwelling.

How does this Psalm speak to you today?  Leave a comment.

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  1. Hymn 77 in the 2008 Baptist Hymnal! Better Is One Day based on Psalm 84

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