Nesting Reflections 4, part 2 – Desiring a Decorated Nest

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When we left off Friday, I had informed you of hanging out in Psalms 84 and 91.  These passages came as a result of writing a post on decorating our homes, aka “nests”, and realizing the ultimate futility of putting too much time, money, and energy in such.

That’s hard for me to type.  I like a pretty house.  I read decorating magazines and enjoy watching the occasional decorating show on HGTV.  So, to come in my home, although it’s not like a magazine will want to come and photograph it, it is nicely appointed.  I admit it.

So, when reading Psalms 84 and 91, I grew a bit convicted over the time I have spent in the past regarding my temporary earthly dwelling.  It’s temporary because I won’t live in it forever.  It’s earthly because of its location, location, location.  It’s not my permanent location. 

While reading in 84 that day, I contemplated my desires for my temporary house compared to the desires of the Psalmist who would rather spend one day in the courts of the Lord than 1,000 elsewhere.  It caused me to stop and ponder how I lack that desire so often.  My desire is often more earthly focused.  When was the last time my soul fainted from longing to be in the presence of God?

Then, when reading Psalm 91, I couldn’t help but see how the Psalmist refers not to a shelter or refuge constructed by man, but he refers to God as his very shelter and refuge.  He calls Him those descriptive names.  With God as the shelter and refuge, there is no need for updates, remodels, or additions.  With God as my shelter and refuge I have an unchanging safe haven in Him.  Dwelling in Him means seeing the promises of the covenant relationship come to pass.  What He promises you, He will do.  Abiding in Him means you obey Him. 

Ultimately, God would send Jesus to us to “tabernacle” among us…dwell among us, set up his tent among us, dress in flesh and blood to sympathize with us in our weak states.  Our abiding in Christ would become proof of those who abide/dwell in God.  (See 1 John 2.)

Our ultimate dwelling?  It’s not got a thing to do with the decor.  At the heart of it all, it’s about Jesus.  Where is your desire fixed?

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