Now, Your Turn to simpLIFY

Posted by on Jul 28, 2009 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

At the conclusion of the first four letters, I asked you to take those and prayerfully consider what God might be asking of you regarding simplifying your life. I hope you did that. Now that we have covered the remaining four letters, L,I,F, and Y, I’d like for you to do the same thing on your own with those. Feel free to send me the results. I’d be happy to post them as comments if you are willing to share.

I leave you with a picture taken by my sweet friend, Kimberly Taghon, recently while she was visiting with cousins. This picture is why I posted what I did about taking a picture of the adirondack chairs in the early morning during the “Y” post. I wish we were there right now just as the picture shows enjoying some quality “be still” time with God. Great photo, Kimberly!

Hug yourselves.

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