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Remember Monday’s post when I said in my typical yearly journey of reading through the Bible, I get waylaid by my own impatience at Leviticus? 

Well, in this summer reading, I made it through the details of all the offerings (burnt, grain, fellowship, sin, and guilt); the ordination of the priests and the death of Aaron’s sons who offered unholy fire (talk about spontaneous combustion!); clean and unclean food; purification after childbirth, dealing with infectious skin diseases, mildew, bodily secretions, and sexual sins.

Those are just a few of the topics you too can read about in Leviticus.

Did you know 98% of Christians have never read through the Bible in its entirety?  Invariably in my attempts before, I would get behind and just move ahead to where I was on the calendar rather than just taking my time.  I have a feeling that is why most Christians have not read through it. 

We have a tendency to get bogged down

in the translation
in our own questions we have as we read
in our busyness
in laziness
in being spoon-fed Scripture
in sleepiness
in (fill in the blank).

This approach to reading it in 90 days is actually proving to be a help to me.

I summarized Leviticus here today if you want to see what I wrote, click here and read it, leave a comment there, and come right back.

Now, I’m in Numbers.  Having read the first eight chapters during this morning’s quiet time, I continue to see that God is a God of details.  Numbers are important to Him.  It is in the numbers that I am reminded of God’s promise to Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars.  When Jacob ended up in Egypt after being reunited with Joseph, there were 70 in his family (Israel).  When they came out of captivity 400 years later as Moses led the people, that original 70 had grown to 600,000 men plus the women and children.  A lot of people!

So, now as God tells Moses to take the census to secure the eligible men for a fighting army to clean out the inhabitants of the Promised land they will enter, I am once more reminded of God’s faithfulness to keep His covenant promise to Israel.

Opportunity for Response:
What are you learning from time spent in your quiet time in the Bible?

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