O is for Options

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PreviewAs we have whittled down our boxes to less than ten to unpack, I have realized how different the same things from the other house look in a new setting. That’s the fun part of moving, realizing all the options we have for placing items.

There’s no need to assume the furniture and accessories from one room, like the bedroom, have to stay in the bedroom. The bed, yes, but the pictures on the wall? Why not move them over the sofa in the living room? The bench at the foot of the bed? How about turning it into the coffee table in the den? It works.

By being flexible with our items we have new looks to our rooms that we might not have tried before. By incorporating favorite pieces, we have had to critique how our space can be welcoming as we combine what we have kept with what our space affords us.We’ve been given a fresh perspective on treasured items. In our case, our rightsizing adventure has afforded us plenty of decorating options. Maybe the same would be so for you, even if you’re not moving but just want a fresh look in a room.

The metal oak leaf wreath that used to hang on an interior door now hangs at the kitchen window where birds from the living room bookshelf before now grace the window sash.

The decorative shelf from the old den now holds plates for eating in the kitchen.

With the leaves out of the kitchen table we have intimate seating for the two of us. More people dining with us? Well, we’ll use our dining room a lot more.

Our limited options for storage have made us realize the real estate under the bed is prime for storing flat things in bins. We’ve not had to do that in a long time, but reality is what it is and so I’ll be off to the fabric store soon to peruse the options in decorative fabric for a bed skirt to make to hide those bins.

Options are good.

Moving and necessity opens our eyes to what we have available.

We have to be open to change and compromise.

Flexibility helps and resolving to make the most of all of this makes for a decorating adventure.31daysmoving

Options. They can be overwhelming. Sometimes I get mentally drained trying to figure things out so I can settle down and just enjoy the house or even catch my breath. As a result, I can get overwhelmed because I do like things to be welcoming and too much clutter or unresolved location issues for items mess me up. So I retreat to a semi-straightened room and collect my thoughts and regroup or just do something else for a little while.

Of course, praying is a good thing, too. Praying about decorating my home? Sure! Here goes…God, you look on as I flit about this house trying to nest and make it inviting. I want to be a wise steward of what we’ve been given and I really need you to be my faithful onlooker who cares about even the little things that can quickly become big overwhelming things for me. My friend who is reading this today may also be overwhelmed by something trivial to others but not trivial to her. So, in your mercy, help her to calm down, too and find the blessings in the midst of her circumstances as she looks to You. I’m thankful You keep watch and I ask You to help me keep calm. Amen.


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