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Operating Room!  Yes, but no.

O is for optimistic.  A mentor that ministers to another is generally an optimistic person.  Her habitual nature is that.  Sure, she speaks the truth when you need to hear it, but even in that, she is an upbeat kind of person.  No one wants a mentor who leaves the mentee feeling overwhelmed, forlorn, and depressed after every conversation.  You know?

 R is for relationship.  That is what mentoring is about, establishing a relationship with another.  It is a coming along beside another and helping, encouraging, teaching, modeling, and relating to her in a way that conveys genuine love and compassion for another.

Building a relationship like this does not happen overnight.

To review, Tuesday, we looked at some examples of mentors in the scenario of Jesus in the home of Martha.  Jesus is the ultimate mentor.  Wednesday, we saw another example in  Paul and highlighted his ability to encourage those around him in the midst of some rough circumstances.  Thursday, time was the focus, briefly, as I reminded us all of the obvious element needed in mentoring or being mentored.  Finally, today we wrap it up with two other elements: the need for optimism and the fact that it’s all about a relationship with another.


You may have grown up surrounded by negative people and find it hard to see the glass as half-full.  You may also be drawn to people who have a more half-empty glass regard for the life going on around them.  Try to find ways during the weekend where you err on the optimistic side.  Curb the pessimism.

Opportunity for Response:

O and R again!  What keeps you from mentoring another?  Or, what keeps you from being mentored?  (To leave a response, which I hope you will) run the mouse over the “_ Comments” below and click on it.  Magically, a box pops up where you can answer my question here, there.  I post the comments after I read them.)


  1. Optimism – I’m reminded of the book we read by Nancy Leigh DeMoss – Choosing Gratitude. We are bombarded continuously with negativity, sometimes even in our heads! Gratitude and optimism are connected. It takes practice, don’t you think? That book probably deserves a re-read often!! Love you!

  2. Thanks Sister! I love that book and you’re right. Gratitude and Optimism go together.

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