Of Mice and Mothers…

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Thanks to Rob and David, I have pictures for you today.

As he stopped to fill his car with gas the other day, he had a visitor at the pump. See? I noticed the mouse was not a fan of Premium gasoline but Plus instead. We have to stick with Regular.

Let me tell you that I would have freaked out if this had been me. As a matter of fact, I would not be alive to type this post. My heart would have stopped. I would have also not been able to take the picture for fear the thing would fly into my face, my blouse, my car, my purse, my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup, you name it. I had to ask and he had to be honest. The mouse was not alive. So then I began to ponder how did it die? Did it die elsewhere and somebody put it there for a joke? Was the mouse working hard to pump gas into his mouse car and simply gave out because the pump handle weighed more than he did? He would have drowned his car anyway. I thought that was the end of any more mice adventures.

No. I kid you not but as I have been typing this post (I had to go update some of the words above to put David into the mix) I got a picture message from David. Guess what was in the picture? Yes. Three of them. I don’t think they are blind, however.

David informed me the other day that he and some friends had a project due for English, a short film for the novel 1984. He met his group partners at the pet shop and sent me this other picture of his latest purchase in order to complete said project. I am not amused. Cute and pink with beady eyes, one looks a little tired now that I am studying the photo. I’m trusting David and his friends to truthfully state this disclaimer at the end of their film, “No animals were harmed during or after the making of this short film.” I wonder if the pet shop will take them back. What will become of them? Will they come to my house? NO! Maybe they’ll donate them to a classroom in the lower school. Yes, that’s my choice and I’m sticking with it.

This takes me back to the gas station mouse and more questions pop into my head. Was he the star of somebody’s English project? Did the fame get to him? Or, was Candid Camera in the car next to Rob filming his reaction? Or, were some of David’s classmates lurking nearby to get footage for their short film?

I doubt there will be an update to this post...
Wrong! There is an update and I have it even before I officially post today. I typed this on Monday afternoon to post Tuesday morning. Now Monday’s dinner is done. David has returned from his friend’s house. We now have three new additions to our pet family. Beans is not amused. I give David credit for using his dad’s money to buy a habitat. See?

Lord, help me. Only a mother would love the mice her son has bought. Being the rulemaker, here are the rules I told him as he was opening the lid to the Tupperware container before putting the mice in their new home –

  • they are not to come out of the habitat
  • they are not to be toys for Beans or Frankie
  • they are not to go on the bed or the floor, but must be safe and high away from the dogs
  • he must change the bedding…but that might cause some problems with the first rule
  • you may say they are not rats and that they’ve had their shots, but…I cannot accept that
  • they may not be used for a practical joke of any kind around the house
  • money will change hands if you ask the lower school librarian if she would like to welcome them to the library!

I hope this is the last of my mice tales (and tails). Beans echoes that. She smells a rat. She’s a smart dog.


  1. Well you know what Robert Burns would say about this…”The best-laid plans of mice and men often lead to someone being dead at the gas pump.” Sad and apparently true:O)

  2. LOL
    Ok I missed the mouse in the first pic and had to go back and find him
    I would have SCREAMED!
    However I think mice are cute – I know you can call me crazy
    So this is basically what I have in store for my future – my boys bringing home animals for school projects – yikes!
    If I am still homeschooling there will be no such project – hehe
    Love you

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