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From Neighborhood Cafe’s website.

I either take one or I don’t.  Opportunity.

I’m not a prolific opportunity-taker.  Perhaps that’s why I was a bit blue the other day.

My most memorable opportunity taking happened last summer when I saw a Facebook post from someone on a group’s wall asking for willing writers to submit a few things for an intro magazine in the works for a ministry.

No pay, but a by-line.  That sounded like great pay to me so I jumped on the opportunity to pass along my willingness and within less than a week had completed a short piece for Amy Lively’s Espresso (I’m on that page!) as part of Neighborhood Cafe (a ministry for reaching your own neighbors who may not know Jesus personally).

Yeah.  I said it.  I got published in 2012!  Surprise! My only other by-lines have been while writing for the middle school newspaper and then again covering Amy Grant who came to Auburn when I was a student minoring in journalism there.  So, this has been a highlight of the year.

Another grand opportunity happened around the same time last year as I (again on Facebook in the same group) posted a question regarding my blog moving locations.  At the end of the conversation, one sweet soul (again, whom I didn’t know) offered to help me make the transition by giving of her time and talents in order to learn the process along the way and assist me.  No hurrying.  No stress.  Just trust. This opportunity will come to fruition this year thanks to her help.

I happen to think these were God-opportunities because they just happened and happened so smoothly!  Yet, in my mind I can remember other opportunities I took advantage of that didn’t go smoothly but were still God opportunities as well.

Opportunities involve risk – risking pride and emotions if the opportunity doesn’t take shape.
Opportunities involve time – time to succeed and/or fail, time for result to come to pass.

I don’t often take the risk involved in an opportunity for fear of failure and rejection.

Invariably, though, when I do take the risk, I learn much about God in the process and am blessed from the experience of letting go.

I’m taking the opportunity to write with others here today at

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  1. Love it! I’m so glad you had such wonderful opportunities in 2012. I hope 2013 is even better for you!

    • Thanks Susan! Hoping your 2013 is filled with all sorts of wonderful opportunities!

  2. such truth in the words that opportunities take risk… and time!! I need to be willing to do both Congrats on the byline… hoping for one of those myself this year!

    • Thanks! Hoping you have a byline opp in 2013, too!

  3. New to your blog, and love it. Bless you for this wonderful post, I needed it.

    • Aw Ashley, thank you. You bless me today. : )

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