Out of the Mouths of Babes While Waiting at Deorio’s, Part 1

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In Columbus, we have a fabulous little pizza shop known as Deorio’s.  I love the smell that lingers on my clothes after dining there.  I’ve been smelling my pullover turtleneck last worn there a week ago and it still smells of it.  Note to self, run by the dry cleaner today!

While waiting for our table there last week, I was seated by the door.  That is a prime vantage point.  Lots of families with children dine there and the average child that night was just the right height for my ears to pick up some wonderful blurbs that I will elaborate on for the next three posts.

Today, I focus on a little girl toting her doll out of the door as she and her family were leaving.  She must have been about four and a half.  She said:

“Is this Friday?  I love home!”

I chuckled and I almost cried all at the same time.  I can relate to her enthusiasm for the when and the where in her statement.

When:  is it Friday?  We TGIF all the time, don’t we?  Friday means so much more than just a day of the week.  It’s a great day if you work Monday-Friday, right?  You look forward to its coming on Monday and feel grand hope on Wednesday as you know it is on the horizon!  Friday means so much!  Rest from everything you did prior to its evening, dinner out with family maybe, date night, movie night, curl up on the sofa in pj’s night….rest.  Some of you don’t have Friday nights like this. You may work.  I hope you have a “Friday” somewhere in your week.  Maybe it’s Saturday or Sunday?

What was behind this little one’s question was the answer in the “where” of why Friday was good to her.  Home!  She would awaken the next day and have different rules like, no pre-k, 30 minutes later on her bedtime perhaps, pancakes and orange juice for breakfast instead of Cheerios, time with her daddy and mommy AND her dolly…all weekend.  That weekend began Friday night even for her!  I love it.

May we never lose that excitement over simple things, like Fridays and home.  May our enthusiasm be contagious to everyone we pass by over those simple pleasures and blessings.  Time off and time at home are two of my favorite blessings, too!

It’s Friday!  Are you excited?  Thank God for this day and every day.

Today’s Rob’s birthday…an even more special Friday for us!  I’m thanking God for his blessing our family with Rob today.  I am thankful, too, for the home He has provided for us.

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