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Hey valiant Hebrew students! You deserve a pat on the back for getting through that first lesson last week. Now we “press on” into the second lesson. Watch out for those four “deadly d’s” which are the tactics the enemy will use to weaken you. I thought today’s discussion went so smoothly and you all seemed to be engaged. Those who were brand new to doing an overview, I hope you left our time together feeling encouraged.

Remember the four main exhortation topics as you approach life this week. Consider Jesus. Hold fast. Press on. Draw near. Such rich application!

Rosters should be ready next week for us to give out to you, thanks to Bonnie! And when you get your emailed prayer requests from Kimberly, just stop right then and pray for your sisters in the group. If anybody has considered needing a mentor during this study, call Lou Anne.

When you have some “Aha” moments as you are proceeding through Hebrews, feel free to share them in the comments on this page. I’m still excited about the first two verses. See what I wrote yesterday about them.

I’ll be calling you during the next week to check in with you. Don’t forget that we will have some fellowship time next week after Bible study when we walk next door and invade the Mandarin Cafe. I found out they have a room that would hold all of us. I hope you’ll come.

Until next time, I’m moving to the kitchen to whip up a pound cake for a friend. While I’m there I’m going to get supper started: marinated London Broil, potatoes au gratin, green beans, and rolls. If anybody has a good crockpot recipe you want to share, please post it. I do the same old roast beef with dry onion soup and mushroom soup, carrots, Vidalia onions, and new potatoes, which I love, but I would enjoy hearing what you do in a crock pot.

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