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I’m linking with Five Minute Friday today and the topic we are to write about for the next 5 minutes is “Path”.

Here goes…

I used to think of the perfect place to walk as being a shady place or at least a place that offered more shade than hot sun.  It’s Weracoba Park or Lakebottom as we locals here in Columbus, GA call it.

The path stays fresh with gray clay bits and the occasional tiny crunching pebbles.  It’s wide enough for several people to be on at the same time and the people are friendly enough to speak as you make the two figure eights for two miles, or is it three?  Hmmmm.

I haven’t walked there in a while.  I had hoped that we might buy a cottage nearby when we attempted to sell our house last year, but our house didn’t sale and I am blessed to walk the wide road of our neighborhood.

The fact that I prefer a shady and smooth path says much about me and my expectations in life, I suppose.

Give me cool temperatures…no heat (yet I live in the humid Southeast) because I handle stress better when I’m cool and my hair is nice.
Give me shade…I feel more secure, less vulnerable, with a healthy spring in my step.
Give me a path where I can socialize when I want and be quiet (the more frequent preference) most of the time to pray and gather my thoughts.
Give me God who directs each step on my preferred path and even the paths I wouldn’t choose but find myself on. He’s not surprised.  He walks with me every step of the way.

The end.  : )

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  1. Perfect sentiment and a perfect picture to accompany your words. Who wouldn’t want to stroll along this lush pathway?
    Thank you for sharing it.
    PS: you hair looks gorgeous!

    • Felecia,

      Thank you for stopping by today to read the post. Although the photo is a stock photo, Weracoba looks much like the picture I found. : )

      My hair is a work in process as I find out how to manage curly hair. I am loving the gift of freedom in my morning routine now. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Amy, I’m with you! I love the wide shaded paths too! I also love that you share your journey with us.. It so often parallels my own.

    • Lynn,

      Thank you for coming along today and joining in the Path piece. May God continue to have our paths cross as we journey on His path of peace.

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