Perfect Peace

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“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You.”
– Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

I snapped this picture of Beans the other day. A month ago we bought this new “night night” for her. The colors are a soothing blue and white on a quilted cloud. I kind of wished they had them in my size, but the store had them in one size – medium to large dog size. Beans weighs all of 9 pounds so she gets buried in this large (for her) bed. She’s sleeping on one end of it. There’s twice as much more of it outside the frame of the camera. She loves the thing!

Right now, she is curled up in the thing as I type today’s post and I thought how appropriate this verse for today is as I look at her like this.

This verse is so applicable to us and our lives today. There’s so much going on around us that affects our world, our nation. our churches, and our homes; everything. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming. Just last week as we took David on two college visits I could feel a bit of stress welling up in us as we continue to ponder where he should apply.

It can disturb a good night’s sleep if we let it.

That’s just one of the things facing the Ward fam. It’s not even a bad thing. It’s going to be a blessed thing but there are worries that can sway our thoughts of where he should go. This is just one example for us.

I keep reminding myself to trust God. Also according to that verse from Isaiah, I should fix my thoughts on God, too. By doing so, He will keep me in peace, perfect peace. That’s God’s kind of peace. That’s what I want.

So, as you step into real life today, my prayer for you is that you, too, will be kept in perfect peace amidst your trials and worries as you trust God and fix your thoughts on Him. Let’s not fix those thoughts on the circumstances, but instead, let us recognize the magnificent sovereignty of the God Who reigns and Who knows the plans He has for us (Jer. 29:11).

I think I may go and curl up with Beans on her “night night” and practice a bit of peace.


  1. Girl, Is. 26:3 has been my life verse for all weeks now! Perfect peace is wonderful and it can happen for any follow believer if they fix their minds on Him. When it happens, you feel ready to take on Satan with a squirt gun and gasoline soaked underpants!

  2. AWWWW…I just love Beans and the verse on peace. Someone text that to me one day as I sat by my dad in the waiting room of one of his Doctor Appt. It has been a verse of comfort to me.

    I love Ashley’s last words. I just died laughing.

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