Photo Challenge Day 2

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This morning while flying through emails, I read the newsletter from the photo challenge in which I’m participating to gain some photography skills. I need them. They mentioned in the newsletter that they had five favorites from yesterday and yours truly’s fave was featured. I was so surprised and encouraged to keep on going, and am excited to share my two favorite mobile phone photos from today’s challenge.

The tips from the SITS Girls regarding using a mobile phone for photos are not that different (so far) from those of using a digital camera. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m way more prone to snap pictures on my phone due to the convenience and availability of said device. So, I appreciated today’s suggestions in their blog post.

As per their tips using natural light and the same rules as yesterday, I decided to grab the dog for her potty break and head out the door, iPhone in hand. While the dog preferred to find sun bathing spots, I snapped photos in the yard and decided on this one of the wall over the fountain out back to feature in today’s link up…

Fountain Wall

Fountain wall by

As I coerced the dog from her sunny spot to enter the cool house at the back door, she passed by the iron dachshund boot scraper and I snapped the camera on the phone straight down to the ground as was suggested and got this one…I think it’s my favorite today.

Dachshunds Side by Side by

Dachshunds Side by Side by

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s challenge will be, but I think I may be zooming in on a few gracious good things. Cheeeeese!


  1. I love that comparison shot. How cool is that angle! Looking forward to seeing more pictures from the SITS photo challenge!

    • Thank you! I’m enjoying it. I have bunches to learn. Thanks for stopping by today.

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