Photo Challenge Day 7 – Portraits

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I did not take this photo today for the SITSgirls photo challenge.  I took it over a month ago at an outdoor wedding.  The setting was an empty window frame from ruins of an old mill. The subjects are my husband and grand son.

The point of portrait photography according to today’s information, is to capture what you feel for those you love. Nothing makes my heart go pitter pat quite like seeing my husband dressed up toting our grand son.

Neither had  a clue I was taking their picture as they looked through the vacant window panes at the Chattahoochee River in the distance, biding time before the ceremony began. It’s what this grandfather does. He takes loving pride in showing Quentin (Robert, V) the sights and having one on one time with him. For a brief moment I felt I had gone back in time to when my husband would take the same care with each of our boys and I felt that same pitter patter flutter in my soul.

I have no doubt that it is not the best quality photo, but it’s the best portrait I think I’ve taken in a long time simply because of what it caused me to feel.

The tips posted in today’s photo challenge will surely be beneficial to me when I take more pictures of those I love.

Grandfather and Grand Son

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