Photo Challenge Day 8

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Today’s challenge from the SITSgirls made me greatly aware of my limited knowledge of my camera’s functions and I found myself yearning for the familiarity of my old Minolta I had begun to understand and use with various lenses on manual settings and lots of film.

I need to read my digital camera’s manual in order to gain understanding of its settings and limits pertaining to shooting pictures in low light. I need to understand ISO and f stop and so much more.

Low light shooting was today’s challenge and after getting sucked on by several mosquitoes and finding my pictures yucky due to blur, I stomped off to take one last picture of this garden angel residing in my small herb garden. I think that I should have waited until lower light, but at 9:00 pm my pajamas were calling and I had nothing left to give the monster mosquitoes.

This is the only picture worth a consideration for posting, and even it has some blur going on. Live and learn, and learn, and learn some more.

So, note to self:  Read the manual cover to cover soon and use a spritz of bug spray next time.

Garden Angel at Dusk by

Garden Angel at Dusk by


  1. Hah! I’ve done a lot of the stomping off over a blurry photo, too. I like the one you shared.

    • Thanks so much!

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