Pole Dancing at the JBACC

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Me and my pole.  That orange tube is the chemo drip.

I bet that title got a whole bunch of attention.  No telling how many people are going to google those first two words and end up here.  (If you’re one of those, go back and read Monday’s post….) 

I am in the Infusion room at the JBACC (John B. Amos Cancer Center).   All is well.  Okay, that is an UNDERSTATEMENT, y’all.

Some of you knew that my blood counts were a bit low last week but not low enough to postpone chemo.  They draw blood every time before chemo begins to make sure counts are good for receiving the treatment. 

I want you to know that today’s counts, every last one of them, IMPROVED!  There is one that is still low (white blood cell count) but still improved from last week.  That is such an answer to prayer!  I had to share it with you.  Keep praying for my blood each week, okay?  Thank you so much!

Now, go right away and thank our God and Father, Jehovah-Rapha our healer.  Give Him an offering of your sincere praise.  He loves it when we do that!  He inhabits the praises of His people.  Glory!

I told Rob that my counts were good due to my power lunch and dinner yesterday.  Lunch was a deviled egg, whole wheat crackers, tons of fresh-steamed asparagus, organic peanut butter (a smidgen), and a Gala apple.  To drink, I had brewed a pitcher of green tea.  Then, for dinner, we had chicken and rice salad (recipe of a friend who recently shared it in HER magazine in Columbus), more asparagus, a medley of fresh berries, steamed broccoli and more green tea.

Rob is with me and he prayed over that bag of medicine as always.  It’s running through my veins as I type. 

The title for today’s post was inspired by my “shadow”.  Today’s picture is one of me and my “shadow” that makes several round trips to the “facilities” with me during the 4-hour drill.  It’s rather humorous to watch us sashaying around the room trying not to trip over each other.  I’m working on my speed and accuracy with the thing while in motion.  Every time I get to my destination I have to ponder anew where this thing is supposed to go while there.  It’s rather comical.  Maybe I should bring my FlipHD video camera and get Rob to record the journey to and from the little girls’ room.  I would comment on the fact that it’s pole dancing of a different kind but I’m afraid I might offend some so I won’t.  : )

I have been camping out in Psalm 34…soo goooooooood!

Hugs to you all!


  1. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow! Praise Him, all creatures here below! Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts! Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! Ahhhhmen!!

  2. Amen Sister! (To Louann)

    To Amy: You are amazing! I am in awe of your spirit! Praise God for your witness and for your sense of humor! Love you!

  3. Praising God for your blood counts! And for your sweet Spirit! Continuing to pray for you – esp. that your day 3 and 4 will not be bad this week since it is Easter on Sunday. All my love – April

  4. Amy,

    You are too cute…Pole dancing at the JBACC…I can see it plain as day. So glad to hear your counts are up and will continue to pray. I especially want you to have a wonderful time next week. Look forward to seeing you when you get back.

    Love ya,

  5. Maybe all of you at JBACC could become a team of sychronized “POLE DANCERS” ! I am sure Mimi would try to join in !!!
    PRAISE GOD for your good numbers !!!!

    Ellen Cameron

  6. This post got me soooo hungry. Sounds like you are eating wonderfully..Yum Yum…Can I adopt you and Rob and come live with you.

  7. Amy, You are too cute! Praising God for his wonderful Blessings on you, my sister in Christ. Much Love.

  8. Hope you have a restful, peaceful week. Thank you for ALL you do for us… When our asparagus come in this spring I will be sure to give you some! Love, katherine

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