Possessing the Land (Wal Mart)

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I feel a little bit like the spies that were sent to scope out the Promised Land before they went in to conquer it. Unlike the majority of the spies, I have come back with a good report and feel confident that I can go in and possess the land! I saw no giants, not even the yellow roll-back guy. I did not bring back any fruit which the spies did as a sample. I just brought back my sheet of paper with notes. I looked like Gladys Cravitz stalking Samantha incognito as I tooled about row by row making a list of items on each. I was a woman on a mission. Get out of my way! I’m going to save my family some money! See me roar! Sorry, I’m getting carried away…

Yes, I went to Wal Mart yesterday. I set my watch for 15 minutes (timed in my head) and had paper and pen in hand and went through the grocery section to map out the store. I can tell you what’s on each row and approximately where in the store you can find what you need as long as it’s groceries you need. Check!

On my way out I stopped to meet the manager who happened to be walking by. I don’t know, but I think the man needs to spend some time at the front door as an official greeter. His people skills were lacking and perhaps because I asked him if his store matches coupons from their competitors. He explained that they do as long as the flier is current and you have it with you. Also, it’s an “apples for apples” kind of thing. His tone scared me so that I couldn’t ask him if they do the buy one get one free thing. I felt a bit as if I had uncovered the mighty Oz behind the screen. I felt like the cowardly lion.

I think I should have called ahead and asked to interview him; that the readership of this blog could have far-reaching benefits to his livelihood if he would just spend a little time with this home economist and answer some of my questions as I decide where it will be best for me to purchase groceries and such. The nerve!

I will meet with my grocery-shopping guru next Tuesday to pick her brain. I’ll let you know her advice.

Regarding yesterday, my trip to the Mart was successful. I went in with what I had and left with nothing purchased, only information gleaned from a quick trip to study the layout of the land before I go in and possess it!


  1. You are so cute…I am dying laughing over here…I have been doing my research on Bibles and think I am going for Kay’s…thanks for your advice..Looking forward to tomorrow..

  2. HA! Classic…

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