Prayers for My Husband

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Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.  Happy early birthday, Honey!  He will officially be older than I am until December, at which time he likes to rub it in that we are the exact same age.  I can never explain to him that we’re really not the same age.  He likes to tease me about it.  I like to not hear his teasing about it.  : )

We have been married 23 years.  We dated six years prior to that.  Family rumor has it that we met as children in my aunt’s gift shop and played together a couple of times when his mother would stop in to have a look and make a purchase.  In my heart, I believe that is true.  I do remember playing with a little boy once or twice as I stayed with my aunt and grandmother in the shop while my mother was taking classes to get her teaching certificate up to date.

Recently, God has allowed me to see answers to prayers prayed awhile for my husband.  It is still a very tender time and I am not at peace to share, but I want to summarize it like this:

Don’t ever give up praying for your husband.  If God burdens you with specific prayers to pray for him, then you do it!  You are in a ministry and it’s praying for him.  If you’re not, who is?  It is the most important thing you can do for him.  It’s more important than cleaning his clothes, cooking his meals, cleaning the house, and having s_x.  Yep, I said that.  I’m serious.  All those things are important, too, but prayer is of extreme importance.

Find Scriptures to pray on his behalf and pray God’s Word back to Him for your husband.
Be specific in prayer.  Details are important to God.
Don’t stop praying.
Keep your husband’s issues between you and God, not you and your friends.
Instead of nagging your man, nag God about him.
Remember that he is God’s child, just like you.  God is watching how you treat this man/child of His.  Treat him with tenderness, respect, love, and prayer.

I can’t say it enough.

Pray for your man.


  1. Thank you Amy.

  2. Always thankful that God brought Rob into your life and our family. He’s a dear brother to me and I love him as such! Happy Birthday, Rob!!


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