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Do you remember the silence that would follow if your absent friend’s name was called at school?

“Amy Dickson?”…


“Is Miss Dickson present today?”…

…”She’s not present,” would be the reply of the friend missing her buddy.

I was a faithful school student unless I was ill.  There were days when I desperately wanted to just hang out with my grandmother over her kitchen counter as she would make homemade chicken and dumplings (the remedy for what ails). Admittedly, I did fudge some tummy aches in order to spend time helping her roll the dumplings after I was miraculously healed upon arriving at her house.

On those days when I yearned for her home, it was because I just didn’t want to participate in school life with tests, assignments, and no freedom to play dolls or do some type of craft. I did not want to be present in the day’s drudgery.

I desired doing what I wanted to do while relishing the fact that my friends had to finish the day’s assignments.

Those days of roll call are far behind me but I still have moments in my life where I am not present for the day’s events and the assignments God has ordained for me. Sometimes, I kind of skip the school of life when things are too difficult or overwhelming. I’m not present on purpose. I imagine God is calling my name and asking me to wake up to the things He has planned for me.  He knows where I am and knows why I am not present.  He has no need to ask my husband or children, “So, where’s Amy hanging out today?  Why didn’t she show up for duty today?”

If I had to give God my note for why I was out, it might say something like:

  • she was overwhelmed with the problems in or at ________________
  • she wanted to play Candy Crush Saga instead (yeah, I had to delete that app)
  • the thought of driving up to Pine Mountain to her favorite getaway lunch place overtook her
  • she found a new knitting pattern and had to find yarn
  • whatever…

There are consequences to not being present. Catching up on what was missed has to be done. An attitude adjustment has to be made and I have to take my responsibilities seriously.  I have to ask myself what is going on that is causing me to want to hide away? I have to talk with God about it, too.

What about you? Do you ever want to not be present from your busy life just for a little while?

I AM present today with others writing about their own perspectives on this word at


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  1. I am missing the present while waiting for the future, while others miss it while living in the past…
    He was, He Is, He Will Be — with us at all times
    in the then, the now, the next
    good points you’ve made here!

    • Thank you! He is all those things!

  2. Awesome post here, bless you.

    • Thank you!

  3. Amy, friend, this is such goodness here. I’m seeing more things in common and I just love it. Candy Crush – you’re so brave to admit that 😉 I haven’t deleted that app yet. It’s on my computer AND my phone. Eeek! And my version of skipping school was skipping certain classes to go hang out with friends who had free periods. Same kind of thing, though, right? I love your note to God … it’s so true all over the place. And doesn’t it make you all the more thankful for His grace? So glad you joined up on the #FMFParty last night. Looking forward to more time with you!

    • Hi Rebekah!
      Thank you for your gracious good comment love. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to engage in convo with you here, your place, #FMFParty, #inCourage, and wherever God has in store for us. I plan to be present! : )

  4. Oh my stars!! Were you at #FMFParty on twitter last night? Chicken and dumplings was on the menu for the evening, accompanied by sweet tea of course. I love a good distraction from the present – at the moment it happens to be you, I hope you don’t mind. That being said, I should probably go deal with some actual responsibilities. Thanks for the gracious and gentle reminder.

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes, I was at my first #FMFParty last night, but considering my lack of Twitter party experience and being unsure of what convo to follow I missed the whole chicken and dumpling discussion. I’m bummed! Thanks for stopping in at GG today to leave some encouragement!

  5. I love how you referred back to our school days. Brought a smile to my face. It made me think of how so often I wish I didn’t need to be present at work (can feel a bit like school some days). I’d rather be off doing something else. But I have those words from Colossians 3:23 hanging in my office as a reminder that He calls me to be present here too. Good words. Blessings, Beth

    • Beth,
      I’m glad the school days thoughts brought a smile to your face. Invariably, a missed school day held some good thing I missed by not being present. Seems that still holds true in missing out on relishing each day and actively engaging in opportunities. I love the Scripture reference! Thanks for stopping by today!

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