Psalm 34 and Your QT

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I’ve been up for a while, again.  The owls outside the window are faithful to ask me each morning, “Who, who, WHO turned on the lights?” as they perch in their sturdy nest in the woods behind our house and look at the lamp that has been lit next to my chair.

Well, I turned their question of “who” into an exercise with my QT (quiet time) this morning. 

While reading in my copy of Daily Light, one of the Scriptures was from Psalm 34, so I decided to read the Psalm in its entirety.  Rich!

After reading it, I decided to make a list of all the attributes of The Who of the Psalm (the Lord) and next to the attribute, write a statement directed to me about this attribute as it pertains to my life.  Rich!

So, for an example, it went something like this:

  • Psalm 34:4 – He (God) answers those who seek Him and He delivers them from all their fears.  Amy, seek Him because He delivers you from your fears like side effects from chemo and the fear of recurrence of cancer.

You see what I mean?  You can do this, too.  I encourage you to do so as you have time today.  Take this Psalm, list His attributes, then take those attributes of His and see how they apply to your life today.



  1. Amy,
    Love your post today…Last night at church our pastor had us come up with any fears we had for prayer. My latest fear is that my daddy’s dementia is a generational curse that will affect me or my children. My pastor lost his mother to alzhiemers so he understands his prayer for a sound mind over me was so encouraging and I will stand on that one. Daily Light has returned to my daily readings since we are studying Ruth Graham Lott’s book Magnificent Obession in my SS class. I love Ps.34 too and the word on fear is good…When I was teaching preK I always told the children I loved God’s angels because their first words are alway “fear not” this is powerful and I talk to myself a lot saying “fear not” Praying that for you too…While you are in to hard battle of these tough chemos.. The end is coming and you will be victorious!

  2. Great post,Amy! I also have Daily Light. This is a wonderful exercise that you’ve inspired me to begin doing with my own copy of DL! 🙂 Praying for you!!

  3. I like that!

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