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I always get tickled at some of the questions I have been asked regarding yours truly.  Here are some of those questions along with the answers.  : )

Do you get up that early to post at 4 a.m.?  NO, I DO NOT!  I am not that “holy” to get up so early and pray, think, write, and post.  I am two to three hours away from waking up at that time of the morning.  What I do is write several at one time and usually in the mid-morning hours on a Friday or Saturday or whenever the hankering hits.  Then I tell “Blogger” when I want them to post.  I can be very specific as to the time of day and the actual day itself.  I set them to post at 4:00 a.m. so that Networked Blogs will pick it up in about two hours and post on Facebook.  If you Facebook people would subscribe to the blog via Networked blogs, it would pick it up even faster.  I have 82 subscribed readers, but I think I have acquired a few more than that since the Christmas blog study and the cancer news.  Subscribe away!

Where do you get ideas for the blog from?  From my pea-brain mind, that’s where!  I like for them to relate to the Word of God (aka, B-I-B-L-E), but sometimes I have been known to just share what’s going on in my life and how weak I am and how strong God is.  Sometimes I just brainstorm on post ideas, come up with the title, make notes in the right spot on Blogger and save it as a draft.  Then, I come back to it and others to fill in the necessary stuff.

What’s your “typical” quiet time like?  Well, that has varied through the years and I have been rigid and regimented, relaxed and free.  It honestly varies much now that I’m older and feel so free to let Him dictate my time with Him rather than me with Him.  Just for a run-down for the past few weeks, I start with Daily Light reading the passages for the day (LOVE THAT BOOK!).  Then I note one or two verses there that reflect a praiseworthy focus of God and I proceed to write (of course) in my prayer journal that praise item and verses that prompt me to praise Him.  Then, I put my pen down and focus on that attribute of Him until I am focusing on Him and not me.  Then I move into thanking Him, confessing sins (takes a while sometimes), interceding for my family, friends, churches, Bible study ladies, pastors I know, the lost, my city, etc.  Then, I get to petitioning for myself.  I don’t use the journal everyday nor do I stick to the same routine.  Flexibility is a blessing even in my quiet time.  At some point in the quiet time, I will read various portions of Scripture and pray them back to God or just find one thing to jot down and carry with me through the rest of the day.

How are you handling this cancer?  You seem so positive!  Well, the first three weeks I walked through the steps one step at a time with God and Rob.  We didn’t want to sound the alarm if nothing came of it and I sensed from God we needed that time to really be praying and seeking God’s face on this.  In my heart, the day I found it, I knew I had it.  I have a great peace from God that contributes to being optimistic.  AND, I have had occasional meltdowns as the reality began to sink in and diagnoses were confirmed.  I have not been mad with God.  I am learning much about trusting Him…more than I ever comprehended before.  He is faithful and I trust Him through this.  He will not leave me nor forsake me.  I believe His heart breaks for those who are suffering.  His Word has been a healing balm to me.  My prayer life is way better than ever.  There are so many blessings already through this that as much as I would not want cancer, I would not trade the blessings for no cancer.  He is a big God, He is waaaay bigger than cancer.

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