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You have not heard from me since the end of 31 Days of Simple Goodness.  That exhausted me mentally.  I needed quiet, rest, and no responsibility.

But, I’m back today and I’m participating in Five Minute Friday where ironically, the topic is Quiet.

Here goes…

I can stay so busy focusing on a task even when I’m not working on it that my thoughts swirl with work anyway.  Such is the case for me when I write a blog post or work on a piece for a writing critique group I am in.  I will awaken in the middle of the night with swirly noisy thoughts.

In those moments I yearn for quiet.

Shhhh, I’m being quiet.

Blank thoughts.
Blank pages.
Blank screens.
Blank calendars.
Blank lists.
No voice mail messages.
No texts.
No emails.

It is in the quiet that I can regroup, collect my thoughts, reorganize them, and get some much needed mental rest.  I can quietly ponder nothing after the regrouping.

Today is a quiet day.

I even wrote it in my journal to God that I was eucharisteoing (giving thanks to Him) the quiet by the fire, sipping coffee.

In a few minutes I will catch up on blessing our house with cleanliness and I have prayed for God to keep my soul and body quiet while His Spirit ministers to me in my home keeping.

A quiet day with quiet tasks sounds restful even though I will be working.

I pray you find some quiet in your noise today, too.

Thank You for quiet days, Lord.

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  1. I love the idea of “quietness” during work… AND sitting beside a fire, though in my case, with hot chocolate 🙂 And to bless your house with cleanliness! Isn’t perspective so often the key? Blessings to you, then, as you seek God’s true peace and serenity in the midst of much noise 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Hoping you have a moment or two to enjoy quiet over hot chocolate. : )

  2. Enjoyed this post.

  3. What a great way to look at our tasks- to pray that they would be done in quiet. I tend to live loud (thanks to my 3 kiddos!), but I love this thought of living quietly- even with the noises and the clamoring for my attention. Thank you- I look forward to pondering that today as it is a very busy day for me!

    • Praying your day affords you some quiet moments in the midst of your busyness. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So glad you stopped by my blog and left such an encouraging comment! Yes, we need to purposely set aside quietness…because life is just so noisy! 🙂

    • And thank YOU for stopping by here as well! : ) I’m enjoying a quiet evening and hope you are, too.

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