R is for Regroup

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PreviewI have somehow found myself in the place of wanting something. I want fabric for our bedroom windows and a bed skirt to match. I spent yesterday figuring the yardage required with Rob’s help. I had picked the fabric already. It’s 30% off at Hobby Lobby.

However, when I did the math and realized how many yards it would require for the project and the amount of money involved, I passed out. Then I shared it with Rob hoping he’d think it was no big deal.

Nope, it didn’t play out that way.

What’s a girl to do? Pout, sigh, pout some more, then regroup.

So, I redid the idea of what I wanted for draperies in order to use less fabric. But, I still think the cost is too high and it would involve redoing the current bathroom window treatment which I think is rather cute, especially since I’ve realized how expensive fabric is and how much my time is worth.

Once more, I’ve regrouped and decided that the fabric on that treatment would be lovely in the bedroom, but it seems that no one online has that fabric currently.

So, I regroup again.

Even though I’ve been to the local fabric stores and haven’t seen this fabric (because I wasn’t looking for it), my new plan is to visit the fabric stores in town one more time so I can find what I want/need/whatever. Then, come home with fabric and get busy so I can have some coverings done by the weekend.

Call me crazy, but that’s what happens when the desire to get the decorating done consumes and causes regrouping three times now! The effect it’s had on me is akin to the stress I felt when redesigning this blog. “One step forward, two steps backwards,” is an appropriate cliche’.

It is at times like this that I have to revive my spirit and get my soul to be determined with some fresh resolve. If it gets really bad, it’s best for me to walk away from it for a couple of days in order to rest my mind from the creative thoughts a31daysmovingnd the pondering of fabric options. Otherwise, I’m liable to not make a smart choice or to make a mistake in figuring yardage needed for a project like this. More than likely, until I make a choice on fabric, I will awaken in the middle of the night thinking about it. Restless slumber over such is not fun.

If, and I mean IF, I find the right stuff and get it done this week, I’m going to post a picture of it. I promise.

And I end up praying things like this. Lord, rescue me from my own strong hopes to have things a certain way by a certain time. I can wear myself out by my frustration. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I so want to be a wise steward of resources and I’m hoping to find something that will work and be affordable tomorrow if possible so I can get the project done and put it behind me. So, if You’d point me in the right direction for finding the right fabric at the right price and the desired number of yards (19) that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I’m trusting that if the project doesn’t get done by my hoped for time, it’s okay and no one will be any the wiser. It will get done eventually.



  1. Soooo…have you had any luck finding that 19 yards of fabric? 🙂 I hate that fabric has to be so darn expensive.

    • Oh Dagmar… what a story for you!Thanks for asking. After searching in Columbus at JoAnn’s and Hancock’s I bought what was available here then what Newnan had. I decided to check Fine and Funky after getting back in town and found a better match half price there!!!! So I sent Rob to return the two purchases at JoAnn’s (long story there) then I bought 25 yards from my last stop where I never expected to find it. My impatience sent me on a wild goose chase all because I couldn’t wait until 10:00 to check before traveling down the road.

      • Hahaha…you are impossible. I bet Rob was shaking his head all the way to JoAnn’s and Hancock’s…LOL! I would have never thought Fine and Funky!??? I am always a little intimidated when I go in there and just assume it is way more expensive. Well, good for you! Can’t wait to see the end product! You better post some pictures…:)!

        • I encourage you to give Fine and Funky another try. They have a lot of 50% off decorator fabric options in the back. They are also knowledgeable of their fabrics and their staff is welcoming. They know customer service as opposed to the big box stores. Oddly, though, even in the big box stores in Newnan yesterday, their customer service was awesome. Maybe it’s our location, but customer service is sorry here in C-town (except at F and F).

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