Rainy Days and Mondays

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By the title of today’s post you now know the day of the week and the weather condition here. That title comes from the song with the same words in its title. Only, for me, I’m not down because of it. We’ve needed the rain for sure and on Mondays, I like to concentrate on wrapping up the lesson for Thursday. So, I have plenty to do to keep me indoors anyway. There’s always laundry to do, as well, which I find cathartic…call me weird and it won’t be the first time.

When I last left you a post, it was Friday, the day of training for a few of us. We left “dark” and early. I said on the way up to Atlanta that I wondered if the sun was going to show up for work and rise at all. It seemed kind of late to me. That reminded me of the Jimmy Dean commercial where the sun shows up for work but only after a substantial Jimmy Dean breakfast so he can be his brightest and best for the day. By the way, I’ve had my Publix breakfast bread toasted twice and my mug 0′ joe. Yum.

To summarize my class on Greek word studies in a word, “THOROUGH.” When it came time for the presentation of the software package that truly helps you successfully use the tools for word studies only not as hard copies, we decided to bug out and head home a bit early. I have the software and Lou Anne isn’t going to invest in that anytime soon. The class was good for me because it showed me how to use the tools (sometimes, I get too much information on a word and he pointed out why that is). Also, the leader’s reminder to me of finding the meaning that is most in line with the context of the passage was a good one. Tammy and Fran had been released early from their class which they said presented the spiritual gifts according to the Bible and not man’s commentary on them. They were encouraged and shared a bit of what they had studied as well.

We stopped by Tammy’s mom’s house a few miles down the road and she warmly welcomed us into her home so we could use the facilities. I didn’t want to leave. Her hospitality was so warm and welcoming and she couldn’t stop thanking us for dropping in with her baby girl. It made me think that’s the kind of mom we should all aspire to be…glad for when she can see her children rather than dragged down when she can’t. You know, it’s that “glass half full mentality” that is so refreshing! We saw the Olympic torch Tammy’s dad carried in the festivities leading up to the Olympics when they were held in Atlanta a few years back. It was nicely framed. It would have been a good photo-op but I didn’t think about that until I got back home.

Then, just this morning I got an email from Stephanie who went up for the leader training day Saturday. Her excitement was so thick, the email almost exploded off the screen. I am so excited for that girl because she is on fire for God, His Word, and getting others into the Word. She has three little boys and enjoyed a day of just sitting in the Word discussing truths gleaned from time in 1 Thessalonians. I’m so excited for her and what God is going to do through her in reaching others for Him while spending time together in the Word. A bonus for her was the opportunity to meet others who share that same passion. That’s why I like those leader training sessions, too. You come back so pumped up, hopefully not puffed up.

Unless you’ve done a day like that, you just don’t know what you’re missing. It’s awesome!

Well, that’s the wrap up from Friday. If you’d been the “fly on the wall” in the car you would have heard good female banter on a variety of topics along with much laughter. It was sweet fellowship among sisters in Christ….no barriers, but unity in Christ, our common bond although He is not common in the common sense of the word.

Hebrews 11 awaits!


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