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Quentin's blanketThe red heart knitting markers hold the places where a different stitch is to begin and end in Quentin’s blanket. The fifth baby to be born with the same name as my husband’s grandfather is over halfway along in his development. I am knitting a soft yellow blanket with seed stitched stars and hearts alternating along the way.

As I knit, I think about how quickly he’ll outgrow this tiny blanket that will swaddle him in happy yellow.

And I pray for him and his parents…our son and daughter-in-love.

I ponder what I will pen tomorrow in the journal of blessings, prayers, and life commentary I’m writing to him. I tell him about the Trinity in words he won’t understand for a while. I tell him about his house and dog, his great-grands, us, his uncle David, and memories of his dad as a little boy and the memories of watching him date Quentin’s mother…the prayers prayed for them from before their own births.

Pictures of the progress of “Sweet One” are kept every four weeks as I snap the same pose of his dad facing me while his mom stands sideways and we see her blossom with life. His dad marks the time by fingers held up signifying the progress in months.

I tell him about God’s heart for him and I pray in writing that he will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by believing in Him and recognizing that Jesus is the only way to God and to the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Snippets of God’s grace and mercy go into the journal and go into my thoughts as I mark time with knitting, purling hearts and stars between red marker hearts.

My own heart is full as I ponder God’s healing grace to me in 2010 to allow me to see the wedding happen in 2011, to help them move in and out of an apartment and into a house, to be “in the know” of their special news for weeks before the rest of their world knew the expectant joy.

Red hearts hold places. This full heart marks time with sweet God-graced memories and hopeful expectation.

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  1. Enjoyed this FMF and the beautiful anticipation of new life. How precious those blankets knitting together with two hands and a lot of love are to the receivers.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

    • Thank you Christy! I’m glad you stopped by and shared some comment goodness.

  2. Oh! What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing on FMF!

    • Awwww, thanks so much for stopping by to read it today.

  3. This is so full of beautiful memory and anticipation. As a knitter and a writer, I just adore it – about as much as I adore the seed stitch (which is a lot!). I espceially love the turn of this phrase > Snippets of God’s grace and mercy go into the journal and go into my thoughts as I mark time with knitting, purling hearts and stars between red marker hearts. < Such good words to read.

    • Hey Rebekah! I’m glad you came over today to read and share your own excitement regarding knitting/purling and seed stitches. If I’m ever out west, we’ve gotta grab some coffee/tea and spin a yarn over knitting needles. : )

  4. Those grace moments in our lives when God grants us special moments that we never expected are wonderful, aren’t they?! I’m glad I found you on FMF :).

    • I’m glad you came on over, too. I share your enthusiasm for God’s gracious good moments! : )

  5. Your writing is so lyrical, wise and heartfelt. Great way to start my busy Friday. Also reminded me that if I’d put down the iPad, that I could conquer more knitting.

    • Yeah, I agree.My knitting progresses faster when my computer time is less.

  6. Oh my! Tears on my part reading these lovely words. Sigourney and Robert and Quentin are so deeply loved. Thanks for sharing!

    • Laura Susan,
      I’m so thankful for your words and your love for my family. You have caused my own spirit to be blessed with happy tears today.

  7. What a sweet story about your son. He will be blessed to have you as his mom 🙂

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