Redecorated Study

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Not too long ago, the place where I write at home looked like this:
In the last couple of months, I have transformed the room so that it looks like this:

It’s amazing what angling a desk, hanging window treatments, and removing the red has done for my study that used to be the boys’ tv hangout.
Had Robert and Sigourney’s apartment not been robbed of several items (including a new tv) I don’t think my study would be what it is today.  When their tv was stolen, we gave them the tv from the study.
Then I converted the armoire from a tv cabinet
 to a creativity station.
I have since removed the red things and played up the 
peaceful and cool whites and blues.
Behind my desk I now have the bookcase that used to be my bedside table.  Above the mirror are plates.  They are finds from a couple of stores mixed in with family heirlooms.
The shadow boxes contain Christmas ornaments, yes, Christmas ornaments.
 On top of the bookcase is a painting of our church, a small sheep, natural yarn in a bowl, embroidery needle holders, and a bell with a soft ring.  I’ve tried using that bell to summon the butler, but so far, it has not worked.  Sigh.
 The bookcases were cleaned and reorganized (thank you Sigourney for getting my books in order!).
On top is a collection of a variety of white pottery pieces that were hidden in the kitchen and other places.  All together, they make more of a statement.  The framed flowers are plastic flowers arranged to my liking inside a frame in which the glass had broken.   That rocking chair was in Rob’s nursery and then moved into our boys’ nursery.

That chalkboard decal came from Hobby Lobby.  
I put that phrase on there since it resides under a clock and above the music.  
The blue boxes used to be red and I spray painted them a coordinating shade of blue.
That silk bag on the small bookshelf is a knitting project bag.  

This fabric for the window treatments was on clearance for $5.99/yd plus an extra 20% off that because I had a coupon!  BaZinga!  I made the lined draperies last week.  They hang from bronze clip rings on either side of the window on short bronze rods.  They are decorative and don’t function as usable drapes.  I think they are the perfect finish to the room.  With the scraps, I’ve recovered some fabric coasters that have glass on top.  I’m sipping coffee right now that is perched on one of the matching coasters.

That orchid was a present from a friend and I have managed to keep it alive since January!  Shhhh.  Don’t tell the plant it’s pretty.  She may fizzle out…

Doesn’t she need a name?  Any suggestions?  If you are reading this and have a thought about a name that is beautiful, peaceful, and spurs creativity then please share it.  I’ll send you a thank you gift!

So, now you know what I’ve been doing with my time.

Maybe now in my cool and peaceful study, my writing creativity will be stirred and I will write and study and plan topics for speaking engagements.

Or, I’ll just be content to sip green tea and pray and catch up on reading the numerous blogs I follow.

I just may snuggle on the floor with the dog and rest my head on her bed while she snores in my ear.

I like this East-facing room that seems to be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house just because of the blue and white combination.

When I sit in that chair you see up there…the neutral zebra-striped cushioned one (TJMaxx) with the cute flowery pillow (Target)….this is the view from my window…

I thought about adding a pop of pink to the room, but in the spring, it’s present from the window and it is gorgeous as the azaleas and the dogwood standout against the backdrop of spring green!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour.  I hope you’ll be back soon!

Hug yourself!

Miss the opportunity for response?  No you didn’t.  Go back and read the part near the orchid and leave a comment.  Thanks!

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  1. So gorgeous!! Love the new colors. I would name the orchid Grace. Miss seeing you but love keeping up with you through FB and your Blog. Lunch soon!?!


    • Thanks for the compliments Cathie! Also, I’m liking the name you chose. Yes, we need to have lunch soon!

  2. I would call the orchid “Amy.”

  3. : )

  4. Serenity

    • Michelle, I’m assuming this if from you since you posted this name on Facebook. : ) Thanks for coming here to make it official!

  5. Esther
    she is the star of a room fit for a Queen. Plus it has a southern charm to it also.

  6. The room is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Amy. You did a wonderful job.I think you should name your orchid “Joy”,as that is what this room brings you,and what you bring so MANY others <3 Love ya, Dee Dee

    • Thank you Dee Dee! I like that name too! Thanks for the suggestion and for the compliments!

  7. I have a suggestion for naming your orchid… Selah… you said beauty, peace and creativity, I think. If you have already named her, maybe that’s her middle name!

    Sylvia G.

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