Reflections on Windy Days and God’s Goodness

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I attended Saturday’s Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic High Tea.  It was a lovely event with beauty, yummy teas and great tea-style food.  The speakers were inspirational and the life represented was moving.

I sported a new hat and was excited to not be the only one in the room wearing this somewhat forgotten fashion accessory.  My hat was a necessity.  Due to the amount of fringe I saw hanging from others, however, I gathered I was the only one who truly needed to insure hers stayed on her head. 

As friends would spot me, I would make a swift move of my left hand to the top of my hat in an effort to guarantee its security during an affectionate Southern girl hug. 

I made it all the way through the tea without any “accident”.

Then, I left the building. 

I wish I had known that the wind was going to hug me hard.

As I was walking down the sidewalk a young woman was walking in back of me and commented on how pretty the flowers were that adorned our tables.  I turned and nodded in agreement and we noted that the only sure way to have known if they were real was to feel the petals.

About then, the wind blew and yes…the thing you hoped you weren’t going to have to read, you must.

Yes, it picked up my hat and blew it slam down on the sidewalk. 

I think I shall have nightmares about it, even though I am laughing as I type this.  By the way, I am typing this immediately upon arriving home to my empty house after the event (the tea and hat blowing).  That hat is on my desk and I’m typing in defiance of the expose’, but not denial of it.  Ugh.  Sigh. 

But God…

There’s an often two-worded sentence beginner from the Word.  Usually, when you read those two words it means that out of the situation that seemed horrible prior to it, God worked in His mighty way to move in a situation that defies our ability to have ever guessed He would do.  A speaker at the tea even used them as she recited all the statistics she fitted in and then sprung her, “But God” into the speech to remind us that God is bigger than the world’s statistics and He’s bigger in all our trials to rescue us and move in ways we don’t foresee.

But God timed my hat blowing just right.  Because, the woman who I had never met before quickly saw my need and heeded my pitiful, “help,” as I’m trying to cover my naked noggin with one hand while my other hand was holding my purse and a gift bag.  She ran to the hat and picked it up and handed it to me.  I thanked her as I swiftly put the thing back on my head and made sure to keep my hand firmly placed on the cap…this time.  I think I blushed as red as my beaded necklace and bracelet.

But God not only had her pick up my hat but also note that I must be going through chemotherapy and speak to that effect.  I looked at her and realized that she had a really cute, short short hairdo.  She was African American with pretty skin and a sweet mouth.  She was petite (maybe she couldn’t see my head from down there?).

But God would bring a woman who had a scar and a bump in her upper chest wall that I very well recognize.  I have those too.  We both have chemo ports!

But God would have her walk behind me to know what I would be experiencing in that quick moment.

She had breast cancer, too.  She is on the end of hers.  She’s a past tense breast cancer girl fresh out of the “I have bc” to “I had bc”.  Glory!

But God would have a sister in Christ and a sister in BC walking my literal same path to swoop in and help me pick up the pieces (or hat) in what could have been a devastating moment of insecurity and shame.

That sister’s name is Denise Tucker.  I’m glad she walked out right behind me.  I’m glad she spoke to me.  I’m glad she helped me. 

And there you have it.

Note to self:  on a windy day, hang on to your hat.


  1. AMY, thank you! Thank you for your messages that always touch my heart. Will you be at JBACC Thursday or is this your week off? I will be there with Mother…Mimi !
    I love you and I thank God for your strength and Blessings!

  2. Oh, Sister! Your “worst(?)” nightmare come true…and you came out laughing! God is good!

  3. Oh Amy…so glad you had a sister in Christ and in BC walking behind you. I am sorry this happened. You are so beautiful!!! Inside and out!
    Love you – April

  4. God is so Good! Thank God and Thank Denise for looking after you. He never stops amazing me : )

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