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Every year on the day of our anniversary, my husband and I reminisce about where we were in years
past celebrating our anniversary.  Invariably, I scratch my head and wonder why I cannot remember.  He remembers far better than I do.  He can even remember the restaurant and the meal…for each year.

Every year, I say, “We need to keep a list.  We need to write it down.”

He did.

I came across the list recently while putting his clean clothes away in our closet.

The paper with his penned list wasn’t a new one.  It was the original one he’d been keeping year after year.  He kept the list at work in a drawer.  He might have missed a year or two and then the information filled in as he would review calendars to keep the information current.  I could tell by the ink color and the slant of his letters when he had caught up with calendars past.

I love this about him.  

That he would write it down.  
That he would remember to write it down.  
That he would have a source to review where he had it written down. 
That he would remember the source.  That he would remember to take the time to remember.

That he had been writing it down all along but didn’t ridicule me, the girl in the marriage, is a sweet thing.  He’s gracious towards me that way.  Even if he were to ridicule me, it would be bathed in flirtatious tone.  Our grins and giggles would kiss.

He brought that list home from work to keep here as a reminder to me, to us, that remembering such things is part of what unites us.  Even if my memory can’t keep up with it all, there’s a system for helping the noggin to remember.

I’m going to thank him for doing this when he gets home today…if I remember to do so.

I better go write that down.

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  1. That’s absolutely beautiful. I’m terrible at remembering good things too. Good to be with you on Five Minute Friday.

    • Melody,
      Thanks for stopping by! Sticky notes…my “app” for remembering. Go grab you some, too! : )

  2. This was lovely and it’s such a great idea too!

    • Thanks Natalie! It seems that keeping a running list for memorable things, even though simple to do, helps us a ton. The act of writing and reading it helps the old noggin to literally, keep it in mind. : )

  3. such a sweet testament to your sweet guy. you are blessed.

    and i just have to say, i love the title of your blog – as i’ve sat here and mulled over those words – truly beautiful!

    • Richelle,
      He is a sweet guy and I thank God for the blessing. : )
      Your kindness regarding the blog title encourages me today. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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