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What’s in the rest of the show, Lord?

{I admit today’s post took me longer than the 5 minutes I take for Five-Minute-Fridays.  But, I wanted you to know my heart on something near and dear to it.  Today’s prompt for “rest” allowed the words to flow from my heart to this page through a sprinkle of tears.}
There’s rest…like what remains of something .
There’s this other rest…like what we need at the end of a normal day with a few sprinkles of it throughout.

I’ve been living in both for three years now wondering what is next in my empty-nest-in-progress life and resting from what I thought was sure to take place after a crazy 2010 filled with all manner of unusual things for us.

Sometimes, it feels like I’m living in the empty NEXT!  (I often miss-type empty nest with empty next).  What is next for me, for us, Lord?!

For example, I invested time and money in pursuing some areas of ministry I just knew God was directing me towards.  I was sure all the resting mandated in 2010 was going to push me into a busier calling of speaking and writing after it concluded.

But, it hasn’t happened that way.
I seem to be resting from busyness more (just with happier thoughts and more energy).
Friendship circles have shrunk.
Serving quietly has developed.
I have more time for Bible study lessons.
I knit now.
I still don’t take care of myself like I should.  I’m convicted.

Being in the back wings rather than center stage is where I find myself:

  • I’m the seamstress working on the costume for the main actress to wear.  
  • Looking through a window into the scene of someone else’s successful life is the view I see so often.

I have shed a few tears over it.

That conference last year didn’t lead me towards more speaking gigs or becoming a widely-read blogger. My business cards are tucked away in a drawer and no longer in my purse.  I took down tabs on the blog that implied I am busy speaking publicly. I got embarrassed with them there. I am in a season of resting from pushing and forcing my way in the Christian market so I can observe, learn, develop, and meditate.  I’m struggling to learn where promoting Him crosses the line to promoting me.  There’s a balance. I just don’t have a grasp of it yet.

The introvert in me is rather content with this more quiet and restful way of life.
The extrovert wonders where she went wrong.

I have gone back to realizing my passion to serve and the need for me to serve in my home are still there.  I’m just getting to rest from diapers, unending loads of laundry, sports practices, report cards, PTA responsibilities, and carpool lines.

I went to the memorial of a precious lady from our church.  The eulogy focused on God, salvation and eternal life with Him, her calling as a wife and mother, and her serving in her church. I left thinking that was truly what matters.

It inspired me to shift my focus from my own busy pursuit of Christian success

to quietly serving joyfully in His favor where God leads.

I’m resting from the worry of the rest of my own story and just living in today’s blessing.  
Maybe that’s the rest of the lesson God has been trying to teach me.

It’s a good lesson for all of us, I think.

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  1. “The introvert in me is rather content with this more quiet and restful way of life. The extrovert wonders where she went wrong.” How eloquently you express something I feel strongly too! What a great reflection on rest–the frustrations and joys of it. I’m glad you gave us more than just 5 minutes of thoughts on it. Visiting from FMF.

    • Beth,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement. It’s nice to have an understanding soul feeling the same way. Glad you stopped by.

  2. “…just living in today’s blessing.” That jumped out at me because too often I forget to do that. And maybe that’s just what God wants us to rest in after all.

    Nice to “meet” you via Five Minute Friday!

    • Hi Amy! (Love your name, by the way!)
      I am the queen of forging ahead rather than resting in the enough of today from God. Trust me, I’ll be reminded of it again today as the Spirit taps my shoulder and clears his throat at some point. : )

  3. I think sometimes we get lost in wanting to do BIG things when it’s doing the littler things, the close to home things, the grass roots thing, a small ripple going forth. Big blogs are great – but grass root blogs make connections and reach lives more one-on-one – and that is needed, too:) My nest is emptying – 2.5 down, 2.5 to go:) Life is never stagnant – is it:) I’ve enjoyed meeting you!

    • Thank you for your encouraging reminder of the blessing of simpler and smaller being a gift. I confess I do not appreciate what I do have, so your response has lifted my spirit as I have repented of thanklessness in this.

  4. Resting from the worry of the rest… There’s deepness in those words.

    It seems there’s a holy echo in the cry for more rest and moment-by-moment soaking in it. In living stilled. You might enjoy some of the posts at might place on Saturdays–maybe consider linking up.

    • Sandra,
      Thanks for reading today and offering an encouraging invitation to share at your place on Saturdays. I’ll look forward to checking it out tomorrow.

  5. Isaiah 40:31. You say you feel as if you have an empty NEXT. I suspect you may be in a season of waiting. If so, wait and rest with confidence and contentment.

    I have no idea what God’s plans are for your future. I don’t know if it will include you becoming world famous as a blogger and speaker and writer.

    What I DO know is that in this season, your resting season, you encourage me. You read my silly blog and write comments to me. You chat with me on Facebook. And it matters.

    You know what I write, and how I try to mix encouragement to weary worn out moms in with posts that make us giggle. I know that it gets read – I see the analytics. But I rarely see a face. When you write comments, you give me a face to write to. I’m no longer just typing words into the blogosphere… I’m writing words that Amy will read. It changes things. It helps me to write more authentically and honestly. It helps me find the endurance to write at 4am and again at 1am when my crazy schedule dictates.

    You make think your are just resting, but you are not. When you reach out to encourage me, your gentle encouragement finds it’s way to MY readers. Your words are magnified through my blog to other women you will never know and who may never read your words directly.

    You may see yourself as small and behind the scenes right now, but never ever EVER think that it doesn’t matter. It does. I write to several faces. One of the others is that of a weary worn out mom who wrote me several emails in her hopelessness and exhaustion. She had no idea that I was a Christian blogger or she would have never written me. Because you encouraged me, I had the opportunity to encourage her.

    I just thought you should know.


    • Susan,
      I’m at a loss for words. Thank you for your thoughtful response and gracious encouragement.
      Hugs to TX from GA!

  6. I so love this writing. It is honest. From the heart and something I can so relate to, I am a stay at home semi retired almost 60 year old grandma. I write, I have not done public speaking since high school but I have plenty to share.
    My business cards are for my blog.
    My prayer is that God will allow my voice to help at least ONE person … we don’t have to rescue the masses. Just one or two will be ok.

    • Thank you for sharing your encouraging reminder of what we are called to do … One at a time.

      In this social media age it is easy to forget the importance of one person while trying to draw in the multitude.

      Thanks for sharing!

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