Route-ine or Rut-ine?

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Do you like routines?  Do you ever get in a rut?

I think routines are good at getting you where you need to be.  It’s a route towards fulfilling a goal.
Rut-ines…well, that’s another story.  Ruts can keep you stuck and stagnant, floundering and flopping.

I have been blessed by incidents recently to notice that there are many people who have a Bible but who have never really learned to read it for themselves.  The noticing is not the blessing.  Their confession and vulnerability over it is the blessing.  They come to a poverty of spirit place in their lives and the rut of biblical illiteracy for them is over.  Their eyes have found a route to a better understanding of God and where He is in their lives and where they are in His.  Their route?  They opened the Bible in community with others or alone and found sustenance for their very souls!

Gosh, I could about cry.

It’s so obvious when their eyes are opened!  It’s awe-inspiring to see the Spirit at work in them in those times.  It rejuvenates this one who can get in a rut-ine of her own!  The freshness of discovering verses is contagious and joyous!

Invariably, they get to a point almost immediately where they regret not having opened the Book sooner.

Well, I say it’s never too late!  I shared with three just last week (in three different settings) that God can restore the years the locusts have eaten.

I’ll write more about that tomorrow!  Come back!


  1. Can’t wait. I will be back tomorrow.


  2. Praying for you daily! Love you girl!

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