Running and Not Growing Weary

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I have some friends who are running a half-marathon on Sunday. They are headed to the beach right now since that’s where the race will be. I’ve been sending them Scripture verses each day this week to kind of rev them up for the big day. They have been preparing for a while to do this. They are my age and older. I am amazed at their training and stamina. Shoot, I’m amazed at their willingness to even contemplate such an endeavor.

It all started with a thought. I don’t get thoughts like that one that says, “hey, run a half-marathon sometime.” My thoughts are more like, “hey, go look at running shoes but buy something cute for pants or skirts.”

My friends not only change out their running shoes after 500 miles or so, but they also have cute running clothes. I made the mistake of buying some exercise shorts a while back. I spent most of my walk trying to keep my shorts straight across rather than all bunched up in the nether regions. It was not fun. That’s why I wear capris when I walk now. My old Chico’s travelers capris are just right for that.

So, not only are they running 13.5 miles, but they are going to be able to keep their shorts level at the same time. I surely would trip up and fall if I were in their shoes. The shorts thing simply amazes me. I think I’m more impressed with that than the running thing.

Today, rather than sending Scripture, I sent a statement using RUN as an acronym.

  • Rely
  • Upon the
  • Name of God

I think I need to take some of my own advice. Rely upon the name of God.

Earlier I had sent them Psalm 18:10 that says, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and is safe.”

In light of that verse today, for you, what can you take from it and apply to your life? Are you stressed, burdened, weary, anxious, fretful, beaten down? Rely upon the name of God.

If we are running to anyone or anything else, our running is in vain.

We are running in vain to think that a president can save us.

We are running in vain to think that a man (husband, ex-husband or hopeful husband) is the answer to our problem. If we are putting all the pressure on him to be our everything, well, get prepared. He will let you down whether he intends to or not.

We are running in vain to think that our children will complete us as faithful standing stones of God’s goodness toward us.

We are running in vain if we think we will ever find or be a part of a perfect church.

We are running in vain if we are too scared to be real with others by taking off the masks of perfection and unachievable expectations and admitting, “I am a Christian and I am not perfect like I want you to believe. I struggle with this and this and this and this.”

Do you get my point?

So, let us run toward Christ and look to Him as the author and perfecter of our faith. Let us not look behind at our pasts and those mistakes/sins that want to trip us up. Drop the sin that entangles you at the ankles and RUN people RUN!

Remember? The name of the LORD is a strong tower! It will not crumble but stand forever. You can take that to the bank. If you don’t know His names, well, you probably need to take a study on that….I can point you in the right direction. Here are just a few of His names that reveal His character, His nature, and His attributes:

  • El Elyon – God Most High – He is sovereign. Nothing can happen to you without His permission.
  • Elohim – Creator – He created the heavens and earth and all that dwells within, even YOU!
  • El Shaddai – He is all-sufficient – He is anything and everything you will ever need.
  • El Roi – The God who sees – He sees everything you are going through. He knows it. He is not surprised or caught unaware.
  • Jehovah Raah – He is our Shepherd.
  • Jehovah Shalom – He is our Peace.
  • Jehovah Nissi – He is our Banner. He goes before in battle.

There are other names, too. When you are struggling, run to God.


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