S-I-M-P…what would yours be?

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I have a verse, thanks to my sister, Louann, that ties together perfectly what I was trying to say on Wednesday regarding “M” and making meals manageable. I nearly fell out of my desk chair when she sent it in as a comment.

Are you ready?

Here goes: Prov 15:17 –
“Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.” (NIV)

I mean it! Does that not say it all?! Pause for a thanks offering to God – Lord, Your word astounds me as to how one sentence that You have said can be so powerful and so fitting! Oh, Lord, You take my breath away. I simply love Y-O-U! You deserve all the praise and all the glory!

Whew! He is an awesome God! Amen?

We are halfway through with the word, “simplify.” Now I have an exercise for you today.

It’s simple, of course.

Take the first four letters of that word, “simplify,” and talk to God about what you could have each one stand for as He reveals to you where you are complicating your life. Make this a personal time with God.

Once you’ve done that, ask Him to show you verses in Scripture that motivate you in each of those four areas.

If you would like, feel free to send your results in as a comment for posting. Or, if you prefer for others to not see it, that’s fine. It can “simply” be between you and God.

I pray you have a wonderfully simple weekend.

See you Monday! In the meantime, I plan to sit a few minutes on my back porch and listen to the water fountain while mining for treasures in His word. I may drink from a crystal glass and a china cup and saucer.

Hug yourselves!

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