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See Luke 10:40-42.
Yesterday’s logo had the look of a super hero logo. Did you note that? How many times do we strive to do things of monumental proportions as if we were brandishing that Super Hero “S” on our shirts? Well, let’s toss those in the trash and be done with them. We are wanting to SIMPLIFY and not attain super hero status as people able to do this and that in a single bound. Get real.

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter, “I”. I think that’s how Sesame Street would bring it up. I miss that show…I have been known to watch it in secret. Now it’s definitely not a secret. Watching Sesame Street reminds me of simpler times in my life as well. Any young moms reading this? Well, let me tell you that your life only gets more complicated the older your children become. How’s that for offering a dose of simple optimism?!

Anyway, back to our second letter.

I = Implore others to help.

Again, let me remind you that this is what God said to me. Some of you may have no problem asking those under your roof for help. I, on the other hand, especially in martyr mode, want others to figure out that they should help me. It comes back to haunt me every time.

We are doing ourselves and others no good by trying to be a one-woman show when blessing our homes and families by cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing meals alone. I have fallen into the trap of thinking I can’t or shouldn’t ask for help because I have no daughters. Who says only daughters can help their mothers cook, clean, and do laundry? I did teach the boys early how to sort their own laundry and they both wash their own clothes now. This summer, I officially informed them (rather than hoping they would just read my mind) that it was time they clean their own baths and rooms. I was taking the summer off from that responsibility. It’s up to them to decide who’s turn it is to scrub the tub and toilet they share. I have sworn myself off from going back to their bath and examining its cleanliness or lack thereof. They are doing just fine without my scrutiny. Are they doing it the exact way I would do it? Maybe not, but I have to let my thoughts go on this; thoughts that there is only one right way to clean a bathroom.

Remember when Martha was running around occupied with much to do as her sister, Mary, was lounging at Jesus’ feet? Martha went up to Jesus and told Him He needed to tell Mary to help out in the kitchen. Jesus reminded Martha that she was distracted by all the preparations and that Mary had chosen the “one thing” that was most important, time with Him in that moment. He didn’t tell Martha that what she was doing was not important nor did He say that asking for help was bad. He just reminded her of the priorities in life. Maybe if Martha had sat at His feet before heading into the kitchen, she may have realized that grapes and Wasa crackers with some goat cheese were just fine for a tapas style meal with the Savior.

Selfishly, I have always wanted Jesus to say to Martha that He appreciated her frying that chicken and making macaroni & cheese, fresh snapped green beans cooked in fatback, and pound cake for Him. I wanted Him to say to Mary that she indeed needed to get up and help Martha. Why is it not said by Him that His followers should always help out the cook in the kitchen with Sunday dinner! Perhaps He knows our nature well enough to know that giving us any room for putting tasks before time with Him would lead to turmoil.

What is turmoil? In light of the posts for this week, it’s lack of simplicity.

So, how can you make sure you implore others to help you out a bit? Or, do you need to examine your “to-do” list and knock off some things that really don’t need to be done or better yet, can be done by someone else? Are your standards for how something can be done too high? Are you willing to simplify even your expectations in order to be free of a task that weighs you down? Are you putting solo time with God before the “to-do” list or is it the other way around?

Solo time with God,
Implore others for help.

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  1. I love that logo font! And, I’m enjoying your thoughts about simplicity. Just had this conversation with someone last night. Love you!

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