S is for Symphony

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PreviewThe music here in our new home is guiding us into the rhythm of life on the hill. It’s a symphony of home.

We live on a corner. The music from outside coming in as doors open to let in the cooler temperatures is that of cheering parents and fans at the baseball, softball, and football games in the evening in the park across the street.

Around 8 AM, it’s the sound of brakes on buses pausing at the light and teenagers in cars blaring the current tunes of their age’s liking.

Sometimes, it can sound like an ocean as quiet cars breeze by. Then slow and old trucks putter along with their mufflers in full need of replacement.

Early in the morning before the hustle of school traffic and grown ups heading to work, I can hear the chirping of birds in the trees. Even the rising sun seems to hum a melodious sonnet as the sky awakens from black to gray to glittery blue through the leaves.

As the school across the street rings its bells signifying the end of a class, I stop and pray for the ones learning and those who lead them, asking that You’d be real to them all today.

The marching boot camp of moms pushing jogging strollers is a rhythmic chanting of breaths and grunts sprinkled with some crying wee ones bumping along the path yearning to get out of their straps and play.

Two walking friends share a laugh and keep their steps in line to the unheard metronome keeping them in step with a healthy beat.

Two dogs meeting for the first time cause a ruckus of woofs and wags with a mixture of low growls.

The one whoop of a police car’s siren song alerted all on the road and in this house that a funeral procession would pass by. A mournful dirge proceeded as my heart went out to those who lost a dear one.

All is heard…this symphony on the hill in our little corner of the city.

31daysmovingMeanwhile, I type hearing husband’s classic music collection coming through the speakers in the living room. He’s busy organizing all our CDs into a more manageable storage system. The sound of empty cases slapping against each other keeps in time to Beethoven, Bach, and Schumann. The CD leaflets flutter like wings of a sweet bird as they teeter over on the floor.

My fingers strum the keys of the laptop and I smile as I hear the ocean breeze of cars whirring past, the slapping of plastic, and the dog snoring at my feet.

My soul stirs and my spirit leaps as the sounds of our home are coming to life as we make our way here.

Father, simple things are a blessing. Your solo creation of the sound of life around our home and in this place whether one at a time or a symphony conducted by your grace are wafting through the house in stereo surround sound. You created ears to hear and I celebrate all I can hear today. Life that’s simple and sweet is beautiful music to my ears.

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