Sabbatical Poem

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

I stepped out in a flip flop kind of rest all last week.
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I wasn’t here, but I guess you were.
I wasn’t even checking from afar.

Unplugged living by the sea,
a radical step after She Speaks for me.

All the collected tips and great advice
kept my thoughts up during nights.
I needed rest to refuel me,
focusing on my family of 7 minus 3. 
(Counting a girlfriend and a dog).
Hoping you read other blogs,
learning from their godly logs.
I’m back now, beginning another week.
God’s gracious goodness I continue to seek.


Thanks for reading my corny poem.  : ) 

Next post topic? Confession from the Coastal Living Show House (and I’m not talking decorating tips).


  1. You. are. Hilarious. Missed you and I am so proud of you.
    P.S. who is the third you were without? oh, and funny fact… lost my keys again. yes, a blog post about it is soon!

    • Ha! Okay, the family count. There are 7 in our family counting David’s sweet girlfriend and our dog. Four of the seven were at the beach. The married ones and the dog were left behind in C-town. : )

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