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photo copyright by St. Andrews Hymns (thanks “Frank” – smile)
“I will sing of steadfast love and justice;
to you, O Lord, I will make music.” 
– Psalm 101:1 (ESV)

Last Sunday, Rob and I along with our children went to a cd release concert for a local group.

The church is right around the corner from our house.  It was a nice ending to Father’s Day as we visited with members of this congregation and sat down as families and friends at tables enjoying lemonade and chex mix.
Grandparents with grandchildren and young married couples  and teenagers all came together in support.

While this group of talented lay-musicians with a passion for serving God by reviving classical hymns to new tunes serenaded our spirits, I just know God was pleased by their purity of heart.

If you know me at all, you know I enjoy a variety of music so attending the evening’s function was must-do for me.

I was not disappointed.

The lyrics from a variety of familiar classics and new-to-me classics were put to new acoustical rhythms and harmonious blends of voices and instruments…all used to minister to the body of Christ and bring God glory.

If you are familiar with Red Mountain Music, you will find this inaugural cd from St. Andrews Hymns has a similar tone in its style and presentation.

We bought two of these cds at $10 each (#whatadeal) and gave away the one we did not keep for ourselves.  As soon as I had the chance that evening, I downloaded the cd into my iTunes account and put the cd in my car (because my older car doesn’t play my iPod well).  I’ve been driving here and there for a couple of days now and the cd keeps being played over and over as I enjoy its unique flavor over and over.  When I am back home, it’s playing on my computer or hovering in iCloud going through my tv while I cook and do my domestic things.

So, if you are looking for some new tunes to refresh and revive your spirit, give Safely Home a try.

You can find out more about this group and their music on Facebook or on their website.  Make sure to watch the video explaining how and why they began this new adventure.  Although you can order  Amazon or iTunes, promise me you’ll start at their page and order from them as a way to bless them directly…no middle man, you know?

Have your credit card ready because I think you will want to download or order your very own copy.

Listen to the first song on the cd and hear the beauty and purity of that voice.  Listen to the words.
<p><a href=””>Safely Home by St. Andrews Hymns</a></p>

Encouragement for today:
God speaks to me through music and I find it ministers to me so often.  Go right now and put your favorite cd on and be still.  Grab your Bible and your journal and write out a verse or two that also minister to you while you take a minute to just be still.

Opportunity for Response:
Share with me in a comment what your newest cd favorite is and how it blesses you.  

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