Secret Confessions of a Theology Student

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Seems like I am much on telling you some new things about me. This one is not new to me, but it will be for you.

About three years ago, I contemplated going back to college, online, to take some theology classes. I had several reasons but one main one was and still is that I wanted to be able to understand Church history, the history of the canonization of the Bible, and a few other things. But, as I would look at things online I would get overwhelmed and somewhat confused by what to do. Eventually, I quit looking and decided it just wasn’t appropriate for a stay-at-home mom to to such a thing. After all, what purpose would it serve?

As God would have it, He brought someone across my path, a retired colonel, and I happened to mention to him this underlying thought and he had a suggestion for a layperson program called The Theology Program that could be done in community but in the privacy of a home and at my convenience. After looking it over, I decided to try it out and talked it over with one other who could commit. A couple of others were interested, but schedules would have to be reevaluated from time to time and they would have to commit on that basis as we went.

Well, today we finish up our third of six courses. My faithful companion through these three has been Robert’s girlfriend, Sigourney, a student at CSU. She has been a treasure and a great friend to go through this with as many days (during this study on the Trinity, especially) we would shake our heads as a way of saying that we needed to go back and do our homework better rather than not at all. Sadly, it couldn’t be the top priority of either of us. But, we’ve hung in there and have three more to go. We’re taking a break during the summer. We have mush brain syndrome.

Poor thing, some Wednesdays she’d show up and I’d still be coming out of a Hebrews coma after preparing my notes.

The bonus? It’s been a great chance to have her to myself, without Robert around, getting to know her and talk to her about our number one common bond. Not Robert, but Jesus!

It will be a treat to go through the remaining three classes with her.


  1. Amy, this is so sweet… What a very special bond you two have now.

  2. So exciting!!
    I have thought of going back to get my Masters but the whole idea just gives me a headache! πŸ™‚
    I LOVE Sigourney and the fact that she one day might be your DIL is so awesome
    I just pray that God brings such wonderful girls for my sweet boys πŸ™‚
    Love ya

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