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A word overflowed into a weekend theme recently.

{Although you see I’ve written here, the meat of today’s post is at a friend’s blog where I am guest posting.  So, read the intro here and at the end of it, click the highlighted words to take you over to where Jesus is in the everyday stuff of my life.}

I met Sharita last July while riding with her and another friend to a conference.  I had heard about her quick wit and had read her blog posts over at 7 Days Time as a result of her remarkable reputation for spunk for Jesus, her gift of administration, her creativity in writing, and stick-to-itiveness.

Thanks to the recent arrival of her first baby girl Charis, Sharita in full blog nesting mode six weeks out from her due date, secured some willing writers to fill in the gap on Mondays while she and her military-man husband adjust to a life of three under their roof. 

I am happy to help this young wife, now mother, out today over at her blog posting my take on everyday Jesus, reflecting on how God often gives us a theme or a word to drench us in a lesson. (Hint hint. Can you guess what the word might have been for me?)

I invite you to slip over to Sharita’s blog and read my post and linger over other posts while there.

Sharita, thank you for having a baby so I could guest post!

Sweet reader, thank you for reading my story over at 7 Days Time!

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