She’s Baaack!

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Today’s post is a short one! Surprise! I didn’t know I had it in me.

It’s true. Anita Renfroe has responded to my question referencing a comment she left on the blog the other day and yes, she really has commented. I’m trying not to run this thing in the ground. It just comes naturally. She answered yesterday’s blog. Thanks Anita. I believe, I believe! Come back anytime. If ever you need some new material, come for a return visit to Columbus, GA and my family can load you up (or down). If we throw in the ladies from Bible study who knows where that could lead? You have your people call…uh…me. Why this incident alone has probably had something in it useful to your routine. It’s like Mayberry meets New York. I’m Mayberry, by the way. I’m carrying on way too much but it’s like my fingers are just babbling over the keys of this…what do you call this, a keypad, keyboard, key something. I am pitiful. All of a sudden I have turned into Lucy desperate to get on Ricky’s show. Pathetic.

Anyway, Anita, thank you for doing what you do and making us all laugh at ourselves and life.

Well, I’ve said enough. It’s Friday and thank God for it!

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