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I may be taking a risk with this one so I will just cut to the chase.

P = Pamper yourself occasionally.

As I’ve said before and all along on this particular series, these are things that God has spoken to me recently. “Pamper” for me includes those things that cause me to rest or are good for my spiritual and mental state of being.

These are things that I consider spot on in my thoughts of pampering moi:
– Call me a bit redundant from the first day (S=solo time with God), but a good solid quiet time that I call a date with God pampers me like nothing else. Is that weird? I put in a cute tote bag my Bible and my journal along with my iPod and I head to an undisclosed location where God and I often meet and I just spend a couple hours with Him over a good meal and the Word while somebody else waits on me. I love it!
– Get a good night’s sleep. If I let go of that, I am no good the next day. Sometimes, a short 30-minute nap is part of some pampering.
– Soak in a warm bath with a mixture of good healthy salts (equal parts Epsom, Kosher, Dead Sea, and baking soda with a drop of lavendar oil in the water).
– Let my nails grow so I can wear girlie polish (pale pinks and clear are my favorite).
– Get a pedicure or make sure the bottoms of my feet are presentable. That makes me feel pampered when somebody else does all the labor. Icky-ooh.
– Exercise to keep my mental faculties from stressing out. This, honestly, is not a pamper tactic mingled with desire to accomplish it. I have to talk myself into doing this and for no other reason than to just keep me de-stressed mentally. The results are pampering to me and for that reason, this ends up here.
– Sit in a quiet room or listen to the fountain outside on the porch while rocking in the chair. A cool morning is preferred.
– Drink some water from a crystal glass or drink coffee out of a fancy china cup and saucer. I don’t know why, but I feel pampered when I do that.
– Read a good novel with something of value in it or do some needlework.

Let me tell you that I do not do all these things everyday (except sleep), every week, nor every month. Some are more frequent than others.

I do not think it’s selfish to have some things in your pampering warehouse to fall back on when you are feeling overwhelmed. I think having some favorite things to do occasionally is a good way of breaking the cycle of monotony that can lead to stress and lack of simplicity in life.

Keep in mind that if all we focus on is self and how to pamper self today, well that may be a bit much and may fall into the idolatry category. So, for me, the bottom line on pampering myself is doing something different from the routine that has a spiritual and/or mental benefit that helps me to take a break from the monotony and slow down to have time to reflect on gratitude for what God is doing around me and in my life.

For some of you, spending some time with others is what gets you refreshed and feeling pampered. I’m not that way. I need time away where I can be quiet and alone, for the most part, in order for refreshment to occur.

So, make a list of a few things that refresh you. When was the last time you took some time out to just “be” without having to “do”? What are some songs that you listen to that cause you to feel rejuvenated? Have you ever had a date with God? What would you take on your date and where would you go? Are you getting enough rest and exercise to help your body recover each day and your mind to de-stress?

S – Solo time with God,
I – Implore others to help,
M – Make meals manageable,
P – Pamper yourself occasionally.

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  1. I just wanted you to know I have been enjoying this series on “sim-p-lify. Me, personally, I think your future daughter-in-laws will adore that you have taught your men how to help around the house, especially with cooking.

    Im going to do a little of the getting away from the norm for a few days.

    Take Care.
    Standing on His Word.

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