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Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.” (NKJV)

As we begin to simplify our lives, we notice that we seem to have more time. We don’t. We have the same amount of time as before; the same amount of time that everyone else has. Not that we are being wiser stewards, it simply appears that we have more.

So, now that some “extra” time is available that leads me to the next point God showed me.

F = Find free time to just “be still” time. Of course the verse above was the instant verse that He gave me.

This may overlap a bit with my S = Solo time with God and P = Pamper yourself occasionally. It is separate for me. This “be still” time is a time to not only contemplate God but can also be a time to connect with others on a spiritual level.

Around the dinner table it plays out in sharing life and talking about what God is doing in each person’s life, sharing prayer requests, having couple Bible study time just the two of you, or chatting with your sons’ girlfriends about how their quiet times are going. If you are uncomfortable talking about God with your spouse and/or your children, why is that? Try to incorporate Him in your conversations more than the weather what the kids had for lunch that day.

It’s sending a prayer email to a friend who emails you to pray for her. Well, don’t promise to do it, use the internet and shoot her a prayer you just typed for her. Or, pick up the phone and call her and pray for her right then – even on her voice mail.

It can be praying for the tattooed and pierced everywhere teenage girl who just drove by in a car with her windows down and her foul words worse than a lost Marine permeating your former quiet trek to your car.

It can be observing the verbally abusive husband mistreat his little children and you offer a prayer for God to erase those memories from those children and to bring people speaking grace and godly love to them to overcome the harsh words of their dad who just doesn’t seem to know any better. It’s praying for the dad, too, to have some godly man cross his path and invest time in showing the love of Christ to him.

It’s grabbing your camera on a foggy morning at the lake and taking a picture of two adirondack chairs in the mist and praising God for allowing you to capture His creation in a photo for posterity in the midst of it.

It’s finding a verse of Scripture and praying through it and doodling some art around it.

It’s noticing the 86-year-old man who wanders the busy street in the morning collecting aluminum cans to get money for a snack and offering him some money from your wallet and a ride for breakfast somewhere when you see his belt could easily wrap around his waist twice.

It’s dreading a good conversation with your cantankerous relative and giving God the glory for 10 minutes of a surprisingly pleasant, grace-filled phone call instead.

It’s hearing your grandchild laugh for the first time and seeing God in it.

It’s loving and serving your husband diagnosed with dementia 24/7 with no substantial breaks all because you covenanted with God to do so 60 years ago when you never dreamed there would be a day his mind would deteriorate.

It’s making friends with the waiter who is not very good, but you do it anyway for the next hour and share Jesus with him just by how you act and the prayer you prayed for him before you ate the meal he brought to your table.

It’s standing in the shower sobbing and praying all at the same time to God.

And yes, it’s making time to vacate the noise of the family, the dog, the tv, and the appliances in order to just sit outside and hear crickets cranking up their evening song and reflecting on what God has done today and repenting of what you messed up.

When was the last time you found time to just be and not do?

S – Spend solo time with God,
I – Implore others to help you,
M – Make meals manageable,
P – Pamper yourself occasionally,
L – Limit computer time,
I – Incorporate exercise and fresh air into the day,
F – Find free time to be still time.

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