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“Immediately, He (Jesus) made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side, while He sent the crowds away. After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray; and when it was evening, He was there alone.” – Matthew 14:22-23

As promised on Friday, today I want to begin to share with you some things God has shown me recently while I was away. So, I will crack open my prayer journal with you this week and part of next.

Friday I had a picture of the word, “SIMPLIFY,” showing on the post. You may have noticed this word has turned into a major source of artwork displayed in homes. I’ve seen it in the stores as plaques and twisted metal words, and every time I contemplate bringing it home, I think how trendy it is and how it will end up in a yard sale some day if not on a trek to Goodwill.

Let me begin by saying that what God has shown me pertains to me, but if you are stressed about much you may want to prayerfully contemplate taking each of the letters to the word and asking God what that letter says about you in regards to leading a simpler life when things get so complicated you want to throw in the towel. Also know that I am not saying this is some magic formula for simplicity. Let’s be real. There are some days where that word just won’t fit into what God has ordained for you to handle in that 24-hour period. This activity was prompted by my own failure to try to live a simple life and time away afforded me the opportunity to see what “simple” can be like.

So, let’s begin with the first letter.

S = Solo time with God daily.

In order for me to spend that solo time with Him, especially in the summer, I need to do it first thing. Like I heard Anne Graham Lotz say recently, and I concur, having quiet time in prayer and in the Word first thing in the day helps insure that you meet with God. Otherwise, as people rise other things get in the way. Things that get in the way for me are computer time (checking email, looking at Facebook) and the phone ringing.

There are days when first thing in the morning time with God doesn’t happen, so I try to find time elsewhere during the day. Invariably, that time is minimal and is sure to be interrupted. For some of you, first thing in the morning is just not conducive for you. So, when are you making time to meet with God during the day? The point for all of us is to meet with Him, solo, at some point daily. I just prefer the morning when I can get Him in on the beginning of my day rather than in the midst of panicked 9-1-1 emergency prayers to Him on the run.

I think of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Even He needed time away from His disciples to pray to the Father. He would make sure He went away to a quiet place and pray away from the demands of life. He refueled in order to have something to pour out. In Matthew 14:22-23 we see Jesus doing this very thing. At this time, He sent everybody away and was alone in the evening to pray. So, you see, the morning solo time should not be a hard and fast rule. It is my preference. What’s your best time of day to meet with God alone?

S = Solo time with God daily.

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  1. Missed reading the blog.
    Great word on solo’s.
    Happy to have you back!

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