Sleeping Beauty is in the HOUSE!

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Hi everybody,

I’m typing this post rather quickly.  I am waiting for my blood counts to come back before they begin the IV drip with pre-chemo meds.  One of those is a rather large dose of Benadryl that will hmmmm, how should I say this?  It will make me slur my words for a little while and keep me from reading my Bible and this computer screen…BUT, just for a little while.  Whew!

I just took a picture that you don’t want to miss.  I have donned my sleeping mask, obviously awake and smiling.  Note that I do not sleep sitting up nor do I have a smile on my face, although lately, I try to fall asleep with a smile or small grin.  I’m not kidding.  I think back through the day and I can’t help but smile at God’s goodness towards me.

Anyway, here’s the picture of me and the reason for today’s post title.  Did you read the words on my sleeping mask?  It’s backwards for you, but I know you can decipher!  Probably after the Benadryl, I’ll give that mask a real go with napping until the buzz wears off.  I am so glad my blouse matches my sleeping mask.  Ever the diva divine, I have to keep you up to speed on life here in the infusion room.  Sleeping Beauty is in the house.  Rob is right with me and chuckling at my attempt to take this picture…pushing buttons rather blindly on my computer’s “photo booth”.  Thanks to my sweet friend who heard me mention my want of such a thing.  She found me two.  Wait til I don the next one! 

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  I won’t know this side of heaven just who all has brought me to Jesus’ feet during this time, but I am certain He is drawing people out of the prayer woodwork and onto their knees as they bring me to His feet and bathe me in prayer from head to toe.  You are precious, you prayer warriors and I love you all!

I have had a wonderful week and I pray that this one goes as well.  I feel great and have no doubts of God’s faithfulness.  He IS faithful.  I trust Him.  I love Him so!


  1. Lovely and quite fashionable I might add :O)
    Pleasant dreams, beloved friend.

  2. Mrs. Amy, you are so awesome! I love your optimism! I am praying for you and your family, but especially for David and Robert because I know what it is like for a parent to go through cancer. God will comfort you whenever you need it: 2 Corinthians 1:4. I miss talking with you with a group of girls!
    Ashley Luther

  3. Oh Amy, so Haute Couture. I’m sure the other patients are taking note and will be only one step behind. HAHAHA You’re cute, girl! Love ya and, yes, prayin’ for all of you.


  4. You are hilarious and humbling…all at the same time. Thank you for reminding us all to keep our perspective in this life…these light and momentary troubles are outweighed by the eternal glory! I love you…

    Kelli Wommack

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