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Rob and David have had Friday and today off from work and school respectively. I have not had much creative juice flowing in the blogging department AND for some reason the blog page takes a while to load and the “new post” page is even slower. Sorry for the lack of postings since Wednesday. I’ve tried, but the site has been a source of frustration.

Have you ever been in a slump? Either in your spiritual walk or even just getting things done around the house?

Well, that’s right where I am these last couple of weeks. I have no cleaning or cooking umph, no studying umph, no energy…I’m just a regular “Eeyore” with the color blue as a fitting description of my state of being right now. As the saying goes, and I apply this to almost everything of late, “My get up and go has got up and went.” That one might hurt the English teachers’ ears. Can anybody else relate to that quote?

I think my spirit can resonate with the book of Ecclesiastes more than anything else lately. But, I read Romans 8 a bit ago (at the suggestion of a friend) and think I need to go back and reread that many more times.

So, if you’re a bit blue today, pick up Romans 8 and get some Word to lift your spirits.

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  1. I can relate…I think I’ll do a little reading Romans 8 myself…Thanks, FC

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